Nickmercs Becomes FaZe Clan Co Owner

Nickmercs Becomes FaZe Clan Co-Owner

Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff has announced that he has become the new part co-owner of FaZe Clan, with the 30-year-old having originally joined the leading Esports organization in May 2019 as a content creator. Speculation surrounding the American’s role with the org mounted when he was named as “part owner” in an article by The Verge, with the veteran having now confirmed the news.

Neither FaZe Clan or Nickmercs made any comment initially, however the leading streamer has now let fans know about the finer details of the arrangement. Responding to a Tweet from host Jake Lucky, Nickmercs replied:

“Got the equity I was promised too ? It all worked out in the end Jakey boy ? #FaZeTheFuckUp”

Why Nickmercs Is One of the Biggest Names In Esports

The news did not come as a surprise to many, however followers of FaZe Clan were still understandably excited at the news. Nickmercs has made his name as one of the most popular Esports content creators around over recent years. His 1.8 million Twitter followers are accompanied by 5.6 million followers on Twitch and 3.8 million YouTube subscribers.
Having had his contract with FaZe Clan extended for three years in September 2020, the Fortnite and Call of Duty player will now take on a more important role for the org. His future is now very much with FaZe, with it remaining to be seen as to just what the announcement means for his content creation.

What the Move Means for Nickmercs & FaZe Clan

The exact equity in which Nickmercs owns is not known at this point, with the specific numbers having not been divulged. Meanwhile, we are also unaware as to just how his contract with the organization will be impacted. Nickmercs made his name as a Gears of War pro, while also playing Halo.

His arguments with Ninja were of constant amusement to Esports fans, helping Nickmercs in being the 10th highest earning gamer in 2019. In may of that year, he left 100 Thieves following a disagreement, enabling him to move to FaZe Clan just a matter of weeks later.