| 11. February 2021

New Core Set and Classic Format Coming to Hearthstone

Hearthstone fans rejoice — a new Core set is slated to replace Basic & Classic cards, and an entirely new format is coming our way, too! There’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get straight into it!

Hearthstone 2021 Rotation | Exciting Changes
  • First of all, Basic & Classic sets will now move to Wild in an entirely new set called Legacy. They will be replaced with a new Core set that’ll come with 235 cards. This set will change on a yearly basis and will be completely free for all players. You’ll be able to unlock Core cards by leveling up your heroes.
  • Players will have a whopping 27 deck slots at their disposal!
  • Tavern Brawl will now be changed to give out more recent packs instead of standard Classic ones.
  • The Core set is intended to “provide a modern collection of starting cards to players of all types” and therefore make the game even more approachable for those who still haven’t caught the CCG bug.
  • You’ll earn Core Set cards by leveling up each class.
  • Some Core Set cards are old fan favorites, some have been reimagined, and 29 cards (out of the 235 total) are brand-new!
  • The Core Set will be refreshed each and every year. At the end of the season, a new set will hit live servers, comprised of “new and existing cards.” Whenever that happens, any Core Set cards that are rotating will automatically be swapped with new ones in your Collection.
Say Hello to the Legacy Set

With the Core Set being introduced to the game, the current Basic and Classic sets will move over to Wild under a brand-new name: the Legacy set. This is where most Hall of Fame cards will go as well (with a couple of exceptions). Once this happens, all Classic cards (and their Golden variants) will become craftable and disenchantable.

Classic Format — Play Like It’s 2014

Alongside the upcoming set rotation (and a brand-new expansion), Blizzard will be launching the oh-so-alluring Classic Format! And, well, if you’ve been playing any World of Warcraft recently, you already know what it means. Players will be able to craft decks using Hearthstone’s original 240 cards from 2014 and experience the game in its OG state!

This, in short, is spectacular news! The patch we’re talking about is from June (, and it’ll come with any and all balance changes since then reverted. Classic will have its own matchmaking pool, and any games played in this format will still count towards any relevant achievements. Furthermore, Classic reward systems, rank systems, and seasons will function exactly the same as in Standard and Wild.

Closing Remarks

If things pan out as expected, Blizzard will have a home run on their hands. With these updates, they’re literally catering to both sides of the spectrum: long-time Hearthstone grinders who are still playing the game on the daily, and those who’ve long decided to abandon this peculiar CCG because it became too complex and “pay-to-win.” By providing something enticing to both categories, they could potentially imbue the game with newfound vigor and make it better than ever. The potential is certainly there, and now it’s all about execution!

This year’s BlizzCon is right around the corner, so expect a lot more news in just a couple of days! As always, we’ll bring you any updates from the moment they hit the web!

Finally, if you wish to go over this exciting announcement in a more official manner, make sure to head over to Blizzard’s official website! There’s a nifty little FAQ at the end, just in case you have any questions