Fabio | 31. May 2021

Mousesports Are Surprise Winners of Flashpoint 3

Just a week ago, who would have thought that mouz would end up in the Grand Finals of Flashpoint and win the entire thing? Now, Chris “dexter” Nong and his men have secured the trophy and beaten most top teams on their way there.

In the Upper Bracket, they fnatic boys were the first to go. This hardly came as a surprise. After all, the team had severely underperformed for months now. So for mousesports, they weren’t a real obstacle, although dexter and his men still put up a great show. Afterwards, they had to contend with BIG though, who should have posed an actual challenge.

However, they failed to compete with the mouz onslaught, as the German team fell on two quick maps. BIG merely scraped together 16 rounds before they were thrown off the server. David “frozen” Čerňanský and Robin “ropz” Kool outright dominated them. Every single individual on the mouz roster did his share of the work and finally, the troops delivered what fans had hoped to see.

Unfortunately, Astralis were next in line. Nobody really expected dexter and the rest to show up in this match. After all, Astralis were still going strong despite their roster change. Initially, the Danes got off to a small lead on Nuke, but mouz worked their deficit off on the T side. On a 1.25 rating, frozen helped them to tie the score, which eventually brought them to overtime. There, mousesports managed to narrowly survive on a 19-17 scoreline. With their map lead, they entered Overpass, where they quickly ended the match on a 16-12 scoreline.


G2 Esports had fought all the way through their side of the bracket just as dominantly. Securing victories over FaZe, Heroic, and the Ninjas in Pyjamas, they entered the Upper Bracket Finals alongside mouz and definitely stood a chance to reach the Grand Finals. However, their ambitions were put to a halt as dexter, frozen, and Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras gunned their team all the way to a 16-10 finish on Inferno. While G2 managed to secure a 10-5 lead on Nuke, mousesports’ CT side was so strong that G2 only got three more rounds before the conceded the match. After two solid maps, mousesports advanced to the Grand Finals of Flashpoint 3!

There, they faced off with the Ninjas in Pyjamas. After all the drama surrounding their Anonymo encounter and the pressure to perform with Nicolai “device” Reedtz on board, the Ninjas defied all odds to make it to the Grand Finals. Surpassing BIG, Heroic, and G2 was quite an achievement already, but they stood a legimitate chance at winning the Grand Finals as well. After all, mousesports had only put up their dominant show for less than a week!


The Grand Finals campaign kicked off with a 13-16 defeat for dexter and his men. Suddenly, they stood with their backs against the wall and worried that they were going to give the match away on two maps. As they entered their own map pick, however, they held their own much better and mounted a quick 16-6 victory. This in turn made the Ninjas sweat and forced them onto the last map of the entire event, Inferno. From the start, mouz had the upper hand. Their clever executes showed just how much they were in control of the entire game. The Ninjas barely understood what hit them, until the 16-9 victory was solidified and mousesports secured the Flashpoint Season 3 trophy as the absolute underdogs.

This is a (pre-)Summer miracle like no other for dexter. Coming in as a the replacement for Finn “karrigan” Andersen, he had big shoes to fill. It wasn’t a great sign when the team’s performance tanked at the first few events. The pressure grew for him and his team in the past few weeks, but they have finally delivered on their promise. The leadership qualities of dexter are evident, but now he has to show that he can withstand the counter-attacks from the world’s best IGLs as well.


After they didn’t earn any RMR points for an entire year, mousesports have made a run for fourth place in Europe with 1600 points. They have done so with just one tournament, but obviously they’ll need a lot more to retain their spot. The Ninjas in Pyjamas are leading the pack alongside Heroic and G2 Esports. BIG and Team Vitality follow suit in fifth and sixth place, respectively. With a whopping 200 points difference, Astralis are in seventh place, after which FunPlus Phoenix remain as the only other team with a four-digit score. Double Poney came out of nowhere and are already up to 720 points on the leaderboard.

Sprout and Complexity are at the threshold of qualifying. They have to achieve more at the coming tournaments if they want to stay ahead of Anonymo or Fnatic. But even the top teams aren’t entirely safe just yet. Mousesports’ dash for the top has proven that with every RMR tournament, the leaderboard can be flipped on its head. Two more events like this are yet to play out until we can finally witness the first Major since 2019 taking place in Stockholm. Will mousesports retain their position in the European Top 4 for events to come?