| 2. August 2021

Minnesota ROKKR Pull Off The Seemingly Impossible, Win CDL 2021 Stage V Major

Minnesota ROKKR are your 2021 CDL Stage V Major winners! If you just did a spit-take, know that you’re not in the minority! We all thought that Atlanta FaZe would just steamroll their way through all opposition and add yet another CDL 2021 Stage Major to their long list of accomplishments, and yet none of it transpired; instead, it was the Minnesota ROKKR who pulled off the seemingly impossible, and have given us one of the most entertaining and exciting Majors in the history of the Call of Duty League!

They’re getting a ton of praise from everyone and it’s well deserved. Heck, it somehow feels like we’re cutting Minnesota’s miracle run short — it was that incredible! The fact that they pulled it off against the who’s who of the CDL only makes their triumph that much more impressive and historic.

Plus, their surge came at just the right moment.

Atlanta FaZe were getting far too good, which means that things just weren’t as exciting and unpredictable as we had wanted them to be. A top-heavy CDL isn’t all that alluring (the same goes for any other esport as well), so the fact that an underdog went the distance really strengthens the many exciting narratives lingering in the air! Needless to say, the playoffs can’t come soon enough!

We have just witnessed history, but don’t take our word for it — have a look for yourself!

CDL 2021 Stage V Major | Minnesota ROKKR Make History

This has truly been one of the most mind-blowing CDL tournaments in history, and arguably one of the most nerve-wracking events of the year. ROKKR did what seemed nigh impossible: they reverse swept Toronto Ultra in the most dramatic of fashions.

ROKKR delivered — big time. We’re talking about a Best of 9 reverse sweep, which is basically unheard of. They’ve not only made CDL history but have earned a whopping $200,000 for their efforts as well!

It goes without saying, but the forthcoming playoffs are all but guaranteed to deliver! The CDL 2021 Championships will take place from August 19—22, so be sure to mark your calendars!