| 17. August 2020

Master Roshi Announced for Dragon Ball FighterZ!

If you’re an OG Dragon Ball fan, you’ll probably be elated to find out that Master Roshi will be joining the fray as a Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC character this September!

The DLC system that’s currently in place is generally okay on paper, but Arc System Works and Namco Bandai rarely capitalized on the concept. Instead of shipping fan-favorite characters, they’ve often opted for a slew of fighters that didn’t exactly move the needle (like four Gokus). Still, there were a couple of interesting releases like Janemba, Broly, Jiren, and Zamasu, so at least there’s some balance at play. Master Roshi, however, is one of Dragon Ball’s most beloved characters and by the looks of it, Arc System Works nailed his transition into the game. If they release his Jackie Chun alternate skin as well, they’ll have an absolute winner on their hands.

Known for his inappropriate comments, dirty magazines, and (at times) buffed up physique, Roshi’s release will surely delight fans across the globe. He’s also the 41st playable character, although — as mentioned above — a good chunk of that number revolves around fairly similar fighting styles and characters. Still, it’s an impressive figure nonetheless.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Roshi will be able to affect the current FighterZ meta. If history is any indication, that probably won’t be the case, but at least we’ll find out soon enough.

What About the FGC?

All of that aside, many are wondering how the entire fighting game community will move forward after a couple of very tumultuous months. Not only did the COVID-19 pandemic hinder their ability to meet and compete in person, but multiple high-profile scandals shook the scene in quick succession. The fact that this year’s EVO was canceled tells you all you need to know. There are so many questions in the air, and yet we have no answers in sight. Will they recover once the pandemic blows over? There was a ton of wrongdoing by many staple figures in the community, so it’s hard not to be a bit skeptical going forward.

If anything, the fighting game community weathered the storm many times throughout the past. They’re no strangers to fighting the odds, but these circumstances are a bit different. Perhaps that’s putting it lightly. Hopefully things will change for the better.