| 23. June 2021

LoR ‘Rise of the Underworlds’ | New Shumira and Lurker Cards Revealed!

We’re officially in spoiler season! As expected, Riot has just revealed a bunch of brand-new “Rise of the Underworlds” cards — two spells and two Lurker units, to be more exact. So, frankly, nothing all too exciting, but it still warrants a breakdown!

These cards might seem “out of place” right now, but in a couple of days we will no doubt be given a look at the bigger picture. Moreover, Rek’Sai doesn’t feel like that good of a fit for LoR, so the fact that Riot still went through with it means they surely have an original take on this oh-so-peculiar creature from the Void.

So, whenever there’s a Shurima-based Lurker announced, you’d be wise to read the fine print! So, with that out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!

New ‘Rise of the Underworlds’ Lurkers Units

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that three of these cards have the Predict mechanic baked right in. This is foreshadowing what Rek’Sai-based decks will revolve around but it’s still a bit too early for concrete conclusions.

Xer’Sai Caller” is a 3 mana Lurker from Shurima with 2 | 3 along with the Lurk keyword. Once played, you’ll get to Predict. Simple, relatively cheap, and probably fairly effective.

Feral Prescience” is a 0 mana Burst spell that’ll allow you to Predict.

Careful Preparation” is a 3 mana Burst spell. To play it, place a card from your hand into your deck. Predict, and then create a copy of the chosen card in your hand. So, this is a fairly loaded spell and, on paper, it isn’t all that impressive. Still, we’re sure that Riot has a plan for it, so we’ll reserve judgement for the time being.

Xer’Sai Dunebreaker” is a 6 mana Lurker from Shurima with 3 | 6 alongside the Tough and Lurk keywords. It’s an okay unit overall, but six mana is quite a steep price to pay for such an unimpressive stat line. Now sure, all Lurkers can empower each other with each new turn so this might as well be a much more powerful unit by the time it is summoned, but the point still stands. There’s perhaps a bit too much RNG involved, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

That’s perhaps the most frustrating thing about these fragmented reveals — they don’t paint the bigger picture. We’re always given scraps, little bits and pieces that we have to glue together ourselves. Now, make no mistake: that’s the biggest joy of spoiler season, but sometimes the pieces don’t really fit that well together. Hence the frustration.

Closing Remarks

In any case, these Lurker units from “Rise of the Underworld” seem mighty interesting, despite the fact that we still don’t khow exactly they’ll all synergize with each other upon release. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to find out! We’ll be back in just a couple of hours with another breakdown, so stay tuned!