| 26. June 2021

LoR ‘Rise of the Underworlds’ | Five New Bilgewater Cards Shown Off by Riot!

Bilgewater fans rejoice — Riot has just unveiled five brand new cards from the “Rise of the Underworlds” expansion, all of which have set the stage for Pyke’s release! So, if you’re partial to this oh-so-specific region (and the unique style of play which it brings to the table), you definitely have a reason to celebrate!

Now, this is by no means the most substantial of reveals, but it still warrants a bit of our attention! Moreover, these cards will synergize surprisingly well with Rek’Sai and her lurk-based playstyle, so it’ll be interesting to see which combinations players will be able to unearth (pardon the pun) once this expansion hits live servers on June 30th!

So, as always, let’s take a closer look at what was just revealed!

“A place of new beginnings and those that come parley with death for a chance at that opportunity.”

LoR ‘Rise of the Underworld’ | New Bilgewater Cards

Redfin Hammersnout” is a 2 mana unit (Lurker) with 1 | 2 and the Lurk keyword. Once played, you’ll be able to grant Vulnerable to an enemy unit. All in all, quite a potent follower precisely because of its effect (and the fact that it’s dirt cheap)!

Bloodbait” is a 1 mana Burst spell with Lurk. It’ll allow you create a Snapjaw Swarm on the top of your deck.

The List” is a 0 mana Slow spell that can grant an enemy Vulnerable. If the targeted unit already has Vulnerable, the strongest ally will start a free attack by Challenging it. A great tool that will help you eliminate specific enemy units from the board. And, well, who doesn’t love a good 0 mana spell?

Ripper’s Bay” is a 1 mana Landmark with Lurk. When allies attack, discard the top card of your deck if it doesn’t have the Lurk keyword. Now, this will either be an absolutely stellar addition to Lurk-based decks, or a somewhat mediocre one. If you’re going with a mono Lurker deck, you don’t really need this sort of Landmark as you’ll almost always have a Lurker on top. If, however, you opt for something like a Deep/Lurk deck, then it’ll definitely come in handy. (assuming Riot will enable such a synergy)

Also, there’s a potentially huge synergy between this card and Shaped Stone as it would allow you to level up Rek’Sai a lot sooner than expected. All in all, quite an interesting addition, although we’ll have to first see it in action before coming to any concrete conclusion.

Sharkling” is a 1 mana unit (Lurker) with 1 | 2 and the Lurk keyword. A fodder, basically. Still, 2 HP for a single mana gem is appreciable, if unspectacular.

Closing Remarks

All in all, there’s quite a lot to like here. Riot is obviously doubling down on the whole Lurk mechanic and, by the looks of it, it’s all but guaranteed to see a lot of play upon release. We’re still waiting to see how Pyke will tie it all together, so stay tuned as he’s bound to be unveiled in a matter of hours!