| 24. June 2021

LoR ‘Rise of the Underworlds’ Expansion | Rek’Sai Officially Revealed!

As expected, Rek’Sai will be the latest addition to the ever-growing LoR champion pool! This frightening monstrosity is also one of three upcoming champions, all of which will be shipped to live servers alongside the “Rise of the Underworlds” expansion on June 30th!

And, by the looks of it, she’ll pack quite a punch! Moreover, Rek’Sai was the missing piece of the puzzle — we can finally observe the bigger picture (and style of play) behind the brand-new Lurk keyword. It’s an interesting take on the game, no doubt, although how effective it’ll end up being still remains to be seen.

There’s a lot to break down, so let’s begin!

LoR | Rek’Sai Joins the Fray!

Rek’Sai” is a 3 mana champion from Shurima with 3 | 6 alongside the Lurk keyword. Whenever she Lurks or Attacks, all Lurker allies (everwhere) will gain +1 | 0. At the end of the round, Rek’Sai will be removed from the field and shuffled into your deck. To level up, she’ll need to attack with 10+ Power. Once that happens, you’ll also get 3 random Lurker followers in your hand.

Her upgraded form is even more interesting. She’ll grow to 4 | 7 and get the Overwhelm keyword as well. And, naturally, she’ll retain her Lurk/Attack passive that’ll empower all Lurker units no matter where they might be located. The important bit, however, is that she’ll no longer be shuffled into your deck at the end of each round.

All in all, she’s incredibly powerful and will no doubt push Lurker-based decks into the spotlight upon release.

Call the Pack” is a 2 mana Burst spell alongside the Lurk keyword. You’ve read that correctly! To play it, put a card from your hand on the top of your deck. You’ll then get 2 random Lurker followers in hand.

Xerxa’Reth, the Undertitan” is a 5 mana Lurker with 2 | 6. Once it attacks — and it happens to have 8+ Power — it’ll automatically gain the Fearsome, Overwhelm, and SpellShield keywords for the remainder of the round. What an absolute beast of a card! Now, five mana is nothing to scoff at, but you mustn’t view it as a simple 2 | 6 unit. By the time you have enough mana to summon it, Xerxa’reth will surely have upwards of 8 Power, so this unit is a lot more potent than it might seem at first glance.

Closing Remarks

Lurker-based decks will no doubt upend the meta upon release. This is a fairly simple and effective archetype, although it’s also somewhat one-dimensional. Still, it’ll surely cater to a sizable chunk of LoR’s playerbase, and we can’t wait to see it in action!

We’ll be back with another breakdown in just a couple of hours, so stay tuned!