| 5. July 2021

LoR | Four New Cards For Shadow Isles and Demacia Revealed — Three of Which Are Dragons

It seems that we’ve once again entered spoiler season! Riot has just unveiled four brand-new LoR units from Demacia and the Shadow Isles, three of which happen to be Dragons! It’s a pairing no one saw coming, and yet it makes so much sense in the grand scheme of things, especially considering what will transpire across Riot’s portfolio of games in just a couple of days.

These cards might not affect the game in huge, sweeping ways upon release, but they definitely pack a lot of power! And, well, if our assumpion ends up being correct and Viego really does end up joining the game, we’ll probably see a noticeable meta shift sooner rather than later.

But that’s still a ways off, so there’s no use in conjuring up wild assumptions. It’s best to just reserve judgement and wait for an official reveal.

LoR | Shadow Isles & Ruined Dragons Galore!

Crawling Viperwyrm is a 2 mana Dragon from Shadow Isles with 3 | 2 and Fury. Once played, it’ll strike an ally or deal 3 damage to your Nexus. A relatively “steep” price to pay, but also one that is somewhat just, seeing how you’re getting a 3 | 2 Dragon with Fury for just two mana. Bonkers, really.

Ruined Dragonguard is a 3 mana unit from Demacia with 2 | 4. When an ally with Fury kills a unit, it’ll gain an additional +1 | +1. This effect is absolutely OP, especially if harnessed correctly. Fury, as a keyword, is inherently oppressing, and now it’ll become even more potent. A pretty great addition to the game, no doubt!

Camavoran Dragon is a 4 mana Dragon from Shadow Isles with 4 | 3 and the Fury and Feared keywords. Once played, it’ll either strike an ally or deal 3 to your Nexus. Whenever it slays an opposing unit, it’ll drain 1 from the enemy Nexus. What a truly spectacular unit, one that is far more powerful than it might seem at first glance!

Kadregrin the Ruined is a 6 mana Dragon from Demacia with 6 | 6 and Fury. Once played, it’ll grant an allied Champion or Dragon with Challenger. Sure, it has a powerful stat line, but its effect is what you’re really after!

Closing Remarks

Shadow Isles Dragons… What a truly spectacular combination — one that we didn’t even know we wanted! We certainly hope that Riot will continue surprising us in much the same fashion over the coming days and weeks!

These exciting card reveals will continue all the way up to July 14th when the Ruination event is scheduled to begin, so stay tuned for a lot more coverage!