| 30. April 2021

LoR | 15 Brand-New ‘Guardians of the Ancient’ Cards Revealed

We have a whopping fifteen brand-new “Guardians of the Ancient” cards to break down and, needless to say, they’re quite exciting! How big of an impact they’ll have on Legends of Runeterra upon release still remains to be seen, but they’re definitely worth our time and undivided attention.

There’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s begin!

Cithria, Lady of Clouds — A Mighty Demacian Elite

‘Guardians of the Ancient’ Expansion — A Slew of Exciting New Cards
These cards have a rather simple underlying goal: they’re supposed to empower each region other than Shurima and Targon, both of which have gotten quite a lot of support over the last couple of expansions. Whether they’ll succeed in their mission still remains to be seen, though.
Bone Skewer” is a 2 mana Fast spell. An allied unit will strike an enemy and then move to the top of your deck.
Monster Harpoon” is a 6 mana Fast spell. It’ll deal 5 damage to a unit and, in case you proc its Plunder passive, it’ll cost 3 less mana.
Succumb to the Cold” is a 4 mana Burst spell. It’ll Frostbite an enemy and then summon a Frozen Thrall.
Burried in Ice” is a 9 mana Slow spell. It’ll obliterate each enemy to summon a Frozen Tomb in its place. Talk about a mind-blowing, obscenely powerful spell! As if Freljordian decks needed even more ways to clear the board! Absolutely insane stuff.
Shadow Isles
The Wings and the Wave” is a 1 mana unit with 0 | 1. Once it is brought onto the board, you can play it again either as ‘First Wave’ or as ‘Last Wind.’
First Wave” is a 1 mana unit with 0 | 1 that, once summoned, will create a Prey as well.
Last Wind” is a 1 mana unit with 3 | 3. To play it, you’ll have to sacrifice an ally.
Ardent Tracker” is a 6 mana Elite with 3 | 5 and Scout. Once you summon an Elite, its cost will be reduced by 1.
Cithria, Lady of Clouds” is a 10 mana Elite with 10 | 10 and Challenger. Once summoned, it’ll double other allies’ Power and Health and grant them Challenger. To say that Cithria is staggeringly powerful wouldn’t even begin to cut it!
Piltover & Zaun
Sumpworks Posse” is a 2 mana unit with 4 | 2 and Elusive. Once it attacks, it’ll deal 1 to all enemy units as well as the enemy Nexus. A fairly cheap unit that’ll definitely cause a lot of trouble if left unattended.
Adaptatron 3000” is a 1 mana Tech with 1 | 3. Once you summon a different Tech, Adaptatron 3000 will share its keywords.
Circuit Breaker” is a 0 mana Skill that’ll deal 1 to all enemy units as well as the enemy Nexus.
Incisive Tactician” is an 8 mana unit with 4 | 5. It also has a Reputation passive that’ll lower its cost to 6 if proc’d. Once summoned, you’ll be able to Rally.
Thrashing Snapper” is a 1 mana unit with 2 | 1. Once an enemy blocks its attack, Thrashing Snapper will gain +3 | 0 for the rest of the round.

Closing Remarks

There’s quite a lot to like here. Heck, we’re putting it mildly! The two Bilgewater spells are also foreshadowing Pyke’s release which, in all fairness, can’t come soon enough! All in all, we’ll have to reserve judgement until we can try these out ourselves on May 5th, but there’s certainly a lot of potential!