Fragster | 10. August 2021

LoL – MAD Lions announce Vizicsacsi as Top Lane Coach

Kiss “Vizicsacsi” Tamás has joined MAD Lions as a positional top lane coach, with the Hungarian set to work with the team throughout the 2021 LEC Playoffs. The 28-year-old has now been away from the League of Legends scene for over a year, having parted ways with Splyce in November 2019. However, his return will see the veteran pro undertake his first coaching role.

Vizicsacsi featured at the 2019 World Championships with Xerxe, Humanoid, Kobbe and Tore, which was surprisingly his first ever appearance at the event. Having done well to reach the knockout stage, Splyce were ultimately sent home by SK Telecom T1, a roster containing the might of Faker and Teddy.

How Vizicsacsi made his mame in League of Legends

The Hungarian has also competed under the banner of Unicorns of Love and Schalke 04, having consistently been regarded as one of Europe’s leading top laners. Vizicsasci retired in late 2019 after admitting that he no longer “had the drive and motivation to go into the next years”.

MAD Lions will be hoping that Vizicsasci can offer guidance to current top lanerİrfan Berk “Armut” Tükek, who has been with the team since November last year. The Turkish pro has struggled for consistency throughout the season, with his stats not being as impressive as they perhaps could be. The 22-year-old is ranked 4th for the most kills by LEC top laners, however he has the second-most deaths.

Will Vizicsacsi be able to help Top Laner Armut?

Armut will be hoping that the help of Vizicsasci can see him improve upon his 56.5% involvement in MAD Lions team’s total kills, the lowest of their entire roster. Vizicsasci will undoubtedly have his own ideas when it comes to the strategy of MAD Lions at the top side of the map, while he has already worked with Humanoid whilst at Splyce. It will be interesting to see how the team performs when they return to action against G2 Esports on August 14.