Fragster | 7. September 2021

LoL – G2 Esports to target Vitality’s Crownsh0t?

If the latest rumours are to be believed, then Juš “Crownshot” Marušič could well be on his way to G2 Esports, as part of their League of Legends roster rebuild. The organization made fans aware of their plans following a hugely disappointing 2021 season, where they failed to qualify for the Worlds for the first time.

CEO, Carlos Rodriguez, has a reputation for targeting the best players available, with Crownshot certainly being one. With the Slovenian’s team Vitality having also failed to make it through to the Worlds, a change of scenery for the 23-year-old could well be on the cards. G2 Esports are also believed to be considering selling Rekkles, a move which would bring in significant finances.

Why Crownshot would suit G2 Esports better than Rekkles

While Rekkles has never really fit in with G2’s style, Crownshot’s aggressive nature would potentially suit the team better. It is set to be a busy period for G2 Esports, who will likely sign a new support, while also searching for a replacement for Mikyx, who has been below par since the departure of Perkz.

The current League of Legends meta has made it difficult for those with a more passive playing style. The likes of Twisted Fate and Ryze are quick to punish those who are not aggressive enough, through both dives and teleports from the mid or top lane.

Talk of Crownshot’s future heightened after the veteran removed the title “VIT” from his Twitch streams. While Team Vitality is still found on his bio, it is certainly an interesting development. It appears unlikely that any other top teams are in the market for an ADC, with the likes of Rogue, Fnatic and MAD Lions being well placed in this area.

Following the departure of Perkz and the potential sale of Rekkles, G2 will have cash to burn. A now deleted Tweet from LEC Wooloo added fuel to the fire on speculation surrounding Crownshot’s future, with something seemingly being worked on behind the scenes.

Crownshot has remained silent on speculation

Since the rumours surfaced, Crownshot has been surprisingly quiet, with his next stream potentially giving League of Legends fans a much clearer indication as to where his future lies. The former MAD Lions, SK Gaming and Gen.G pro could revolutionize the G2 bot lane, with official news on the deal being expected sooner rather than later.

As soon as we get something new, about Crownshots possible move to G2 Esports, we are going to let you know.