Fragster | 18. August 2021

LoL – Chinese higher skilled player arrested in internet cafe

Chinese higher skilled LoL player arrested in internet cafe. Today we have a more unusual story from the League of Legends universe for you, which has nothing to do with matches or results as we normally write about. This story is a little different from our usual coverage.

An off-duty Chinese police officer met his friends off-duty in an internet café and casually just wanted to play some casual League of Legends with them. By chance he discovered a criminal who was wanted by the police. By coincidence, this felon was also a higher ranked player on the Chinese League of Legends server Ionia.

Not a good day to be in the internet cafe

The police officer named Zhang Yihao couldn’t believe his eyes. In the colorful, shiny Internet cafes in China, Japan and South Korea, a lot of people meet every day to play games and relax, so it’s not surprising that you meet all kinds of people – even criminals.

In Asia, just like anime gaming is a big part of the culture and this culture does not distinguish who stands on which side of the law. Even the LoL player aka the criminal felon probably wouldn’t have expected to get busted in an internet cafe of all places. But how exactly did this happen?

In some parts of China, it is common and a gesture of respect to call out high-ranking players in internet cafes when they go live to the server to start their game. That way the players can gain respect and recognition within his or her local gaming community. And so it came that also in this internet cafe, the LoL player was announced over the loudspeakers by a friendly voice.

Arrested while playing

What started as a nice gesture, didn’t end so well for the man. Zhang Yihao, the policeman and hero of the story, actually just wanted to know who exactly this top player was and when he spotted him, his face looked strangely familiar and it suddenly dawned on the policeman where he knew him from: from the wanted posters at the police office – the man in front of him was a criminal wanted by the police.

First the officer confirmed the identity of the man playing Lol. Then he called his colleagues for backup, who came immediately and arrested the player while he was still sitting in his chair playing League of Legends.

On Youtube you can see how the arrest happened. The Video shows how the player was firstly spotted by Zhang Yihao and then arrested and taken away by the officers. Apparently, the criminal had committed a case of physical assault, but had managed to flee from the police again and again until the incident in the Internet cafe.

Well, as a felon, you just shouldn’t draw attention to yourself, not even in the online world. Instead of visiting an Internet cafe, he is only going to visit prison.