| 7. September 2021

Logitech MX Keys Mini Leaks Online — A TKL Version of a Classic

The Logitech MX Keys Mini is all but official! This, in short, is a superb bit of news for those who are partial to small form factor keyboards, namely those that fall under the TKL category.

The Logitech MX Keys Mini isn’t exactly what anyone was clamoring for but is nonetheless an ingenious “reimagining” of a beloved product that will surely delight thousands upon thousands of users across the globe.

The TKL format has risen in popularity quite a bit over the years and is currently a lot more prevalent than most folks realize. It’s obviously the prefered format for gaming, but it has also become more ubiquitous for other workflows and use-case scenarios as well.

This is why the Logitech MX Keys Mini seems like the perfect kind of keyboard for those who’d prefer to preserve a bit of their desk space, and if it delivers as much as its larger forerunner it will no doubt end up as a seismic success (both commercially and critically) and generate a very respectable amount of revenue for this venerable peripheral manufacturer.

What Do We Know So Far?

No official announcement has been made at the time of this writing, but we know for a fact that it’s right around the corner as retailers have already begun adding this particular product to their online stores.

Unfortunately we still don’t know the exact price nor the date when it’ll go on sale. Still, such a comprehensive leak all but guarantees that an official announcement will be made sooner rather than later.

The Logitech MX Keys Mini is an absolutely beautiful little keyboard and will have all the features and connectivity options you need to get your work done — it’s just like the regular MX Keys we all know and love, but just in a smaller format. Nothing more, nothing else. The standard drawbacks still apply here: you won’t have a numerical pad on the right-hand side and you’ll have to make due with specific shortcuts and keybinds which have been made so as to retain all standard functionality one might need.

In any case, we’re elated that Logitech has decided to offer yet another hugely interesting product and our only hope is that they price it accordingly — otherwise they’re no doubt going to struggle when it comes to reaching the target audience no matter how slick and svelte the MX Keys Mini might be.