| 14. October 2021

Logitech Announces League of Legends Peripheral Collection

If you’re super into League of Legends (like the hundreds of millions of gamers across the globe) and want to stand out from the crowd with some truly unique peripherals, this newly announced LoL-themed collection from Logitech might be of interest!

Whether it’s aesthetically pleasing or not is heavily up for debate, but no one can deny its unique (if not peculiar) looks!

The following peripherals have gotten an LoL-themed makeover: the Logitech G PRO X gaming headset ($129.99), G PRO Mechanical Keyboard ($129.99), PRO Wireless mouse ($129.99), and the G480 XL mouse pad ($49.99). As you can tell, this fresh coat of paint definitely doesn’t come cheap, but at least it’s Logitech we’re talking about — pristine craftsmanship and stellar build quality are all but guaranteed!

“Introducing the League of Legends collection. Designed to inspire champions and purpose-built for peak performance. We clad our tournament-proven gear in signature Hextech Magic blue and Hextech Metal gold, creating limited-edition designs that let you fully dive into the world of League of Legends—and win,” as per the official announcement.

Truly Top of the Line

Logitech’s PRO line-up of products is well known amongst both pro players and enthusiasts alike. In other words: it needs no introduction. The fact that you’ll now be able to purchase these stand-out peripherals with a bit of unique LoL flair is highly welcome, especially for the most staunch fans among us — although it obviously won’t affect your play in any meaningful way.

This also isn’t the first time that Riot and Logitech have collaborated on a set of bespoke peripherals — the K/DA themed collection definitely deserves a mention!

Hopefully there’s another set in the works, too, one with a much more muted design — not everyone’s looking to sport such a specific shade of blue with gold accents! Looks are always subjective, but having something a bit more visually reserved would probably better satisfy the needs of the general populace.