| 22. October 2020

Legends of Runeterra Monuments of Power — Top New Decks

As was expected, a couple of fascinating new Legends of Runeterra decks have popped up immediately upon the release of Monuments of Power! While things are still somewhat uncertain balance-wise (i.e. the jury’s still out on the meta), there’s more than enough reason to do a quick breakdown!

Three new champions were just released (along with a boatload of new cards), and this influx of content has naturally affected the game in layered and nuanced ways. Heck, maybe that’s even an understatement.

So let’s dive a bit deeper into what’s new and how players have been adapting to the ever-changing meta! We’ll quickly cover three new decks (or pairings, rather) that have just popped up, but also one more deck that’s been running rampant for the last couple of weeks.

Legends of Runeterra — Monuments of Power Decks | Dragons Galore

Shyvana + Aurelion Sol — The most logical combo of them all. Rounding out the existing Dragon archetype with Shyvana was Riot’s plan all along. And, fortunately, it’s quite a potent way to play the game. It’s not exactly S tier, but it’s not far off either. Still, Shyvana somewhat pales in comparison to Tahm Kench and Soraka primarily because she doesn’t bring anything new to the table. She’s pretty darn good, but not much else.

Regardless, Dragons are still as strong as ever — they’re just not taking over the game all that hard. They’re definitely fun and if you already have an Aurelion Sol base deck lying around, adding Shyvana to the mix shouldn’t cost you all that much.


Shyvana + Fiora — You can also combine Shyvana (and the Dragon archetype) with Fiora. This is a very strong midrange deck that can easily control the board with strong units and the Challenger keyword. Demacia spells and units are here to round things out and provide a bit of support.

Getting an early “Herald of Dragons” and “Dragonguard Lieutenant” will be of the utmost importance. At best, you want to get Shyvana onto the board by turn four (if not even earlier with “Herald of Dragons”) and then slowly take over the game with big and beefy units.


Healing for Days

Soraka + Tahm Kench — Yet another logical pairing. Tahm Kench and certain Bilgewater-related cards function around the “self-damage” mechanic. On its own, it’s quite bad because there’s absolutely no payoff. But when combined with Soraka (who’s a healing machine), this deck becomes an incredibly strong one, to say the least. You just need to keep Tahm as healthy as possible so that he can clear the opponent’s side of the board. You also have the “Star Spring” win condition which, frankly, isn’t all that great; regardless, if your opponent doesn’t have any Landmark removal spells, you might even get away with it! All of that said, we need a bit more time before we can accurately assess its place in the current meta.


Legends of Runeterra Monuments of Power Decks

A Strategy Running Rampant

Targon + Lee Sin — This is where things get interesting. Or, well, appalling, depending on whether you’re the one piloting this deck or are on the receiving end of things. This deck is simply too overwhelming at this point in time. Lee Sin is incredibly strong (in no small part because of his passive), and cards like “Deny” can basically stop any removal tools from your opponent, therefore ensuring a favorable state of the board. Cards like “Zenith Blade” will also grant the blind monk with Overwhelm, therefore ensuring an insanely strong trade, if not even an OTK.

If you can’t get Lee Sin onto the board relatively quickly then you might find yourself in deep waters; still, there are numerous tools within this deck to help you stall things out. Playing against an illusive Ionia deck was always a frustrating experience, and with Lee Sin running rampant, things are worse than ever.

Fortunately, Riot already has a nerf in the pipeline. When exactly it’ll ship, however, still remains to be seen. If you’re looking to climb the ranked ladder with this OP combo, make sure to hurry up!


Closing Remarks

Overall, the release of Monuments of Power definitely gave us a lot to talk about. It didn’t incur any huge kind of meta shift, but at least it nudged it towards the positive end of the spectrum. Some strategies and decks are still a bit too OP, but at least new ones have been thrown into the mix.

Barring any huge meta shifts or unexpected releases, that’ll be it for our Monuments of Power coverage! The third (and last) set of the expansion will hit live servers in December, so expect more content in a couple of weeks! For a deeper dive into the patch itself, make sure to check our breakdown!