| 21. August 2020

Legends of Runeterra Lunari Officially Revealed!

The Nightfall archetype just got a whole lot stronger. As expected, Riot announced a brand-new set of cards that will not only introduce the Lunari to the Legends of Runeterra universe but also help create a more cohesive deck.

As we reported earlier, cards with the Nightfall keyword are activated if they’re not the first ones you play in a round. This means they’re the exact opposite of Daybreak.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s new!

  • Lunari Duskbringer is a one mana 2 | 1 unit that creates a Duskpetal Dust in your hand. More on that below.
  • Lunari Shadestalker is a two mana 2 | 3 unit with a Nightfall passive. If proc’d, Lunari Shadestalker will automatically become Elusive. Quite a nifty effect for a card that’s pretty cheap mana-wise.
  • Crescent Guardian is a three mana unit with 3 | 3 and an Overwhelm keyword. If you proc its Nightfall passive, Crescent Guardian will also gain +2 | 0, making it quite a formidable opponent.
  • Duskpetal Dust is a one mana Burst spell. When you activate it, your next unit with Nightfall will cost 1 less mana.

Quite an interesting way to both set the stage for tomorrow and round out an entire archetype.

Closing Remarks

Overall, Riot didn’t announce much, at least not in terms of quantity. Still, seeing how this is just a filler set of cards for the Nightfall archetype, there’s not a lot of room to complain. This means Diana is all but officially confirmed at this point. Does this mean a Diana (Lunari and Nightfall) and Nocturne deck will make sense in Legends of Runeterra? It’s still too early to know for sure, but the potential is certainly there. We still have to see what Diana will bring to the table, but odds are, she’ll be quite a strong champion, much like Leona.

The one card you should focus on the most is certainly Duskpetal Dust. Not only is it a one mana Burst option, but it’ll also allow you to immediately activate Nightfall in a subsequently played unit. That’s quite huge, all things considered. It not only makes the deck more viable, but it also speeds it up. The Lunari Duskbringer is the only card to create Duskeptal Dust, but it’s probably not going to be the only one. Either way, we cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

You’ll be able to get your hands on this exciting set of cards once the Call of the Mountain expansion hits live servers on August 26th!