| 1. March 2021

Legends of Runeterra | LeBlanc and Sivir Officially Confirmed

The list of upcoming Legends of Runeterra champions has just gotten even more impressive — LeBlanc and Sivir have been officially confirmed! That’s eight brand-new champions that’ll be shipping with Empires of the Ascended, just in case you’ve lost count. A seismic number, all things considered. And, better yet, most of them are looking downright amazing!

This time around, we’ll be taking a look at the latest additions to LoR’s ever-growing champion roster!

LeBlanc Coming to Legends of Runeterra

LeBlanc is a 3 mana champion from Noxus with 5 | 2 and Quick Attack. To level her up, she needs to see you deal at least 15 damage. Simple and straightforward. Once leveled up, she’ll grow to 6 | 3, and gain an interesting passive: every time she sees you deal at least 15 damage, you’ll get a Mirror Image in hand. If you already happen to have one, its cost will be decreased by 1.

Mirror Image is a 2 mana Slow spell that’ll summon an exact Ephemeral copy of an ally with 5+ Power. Overall, this “1-2 combo” of sorts is pretty darn alluring, and, better yet, is a carbon copy of LeBlanc’s playstyle. Kudos to Riot for successfully transitioning her core identity into a game that is so vastly different to League of Legends.

New Noxus Units

Black Rose Spy is a 2 mana unit with 3 | 2 and the Reputation keyword (more on that below). When she’s brought onto the board, she’ll transform into an exact copy of the strongest ally that struck that round.

Thorn of the Rose is a 3 mana unit with 5 | 1. Once summoned, you’ll get a Guile in your hand.

New Noxus Spells

Sigil of Malice is a 4 mana Fast spell that deals 2 damage to anything. If you proc its Reputation passive, you’ll be able to activate it for just one mana crystal.

Whispered Words is a 4 mana Burst spell that’ll allow you to draw two cards. It also has the Reputation passive, and if proc’d, its mana cost will be halved.

Mimic is a 3 mana Burst spell that can pick a spell in play or in hand and create a Fleeting copy of it in hand. Much like the two spells listed above, this one also comes with the Reputation passive that can lower its cost to just one mana.

Bloody Business is a 4 mana Fast spell that can make an ally with 5+ power strike an enemy.

Legends of Runeterra | Sivir Joins the Fray!

Sivir is yet another Shuriman champion to join the game and, by the looks of it, she can definitely pack a punch — especially once leveled up. But before we go over her strengths and weaknesses, we need to first mention the brand-new Reputation keyword.

Reputation activates if your allied units have struck for 5+ damage at least 4 times during the game. Now, this might seem oddly specific (as far as Keywords go), but it’s by no means random or underpowered.

Also, players will have to get familiar with a new type of spell: Lucky Find. Once proc’d, it’ll be offered with three different buffs and you’ll get to pick one of the following: Spell Shield, Challenger, Fearsome, +2 | 0, +1 | +1, Quick Attack, +0 | +2, Tough, or Overwhelm.

Sivir is a 4 mana champion from Shurima with 5 | 3 along with Quick Attack and Spell Shield. Leveling her up, therefore, shouldn’t prove to be all that hard. To do so, you’ll need to have dealt at least 35 damage. Once leveled up, she’ll grow to 6 | 4, and whenever she attacks, all attacking allies will gain her keywords as well. That right there is astonishingly powerful, especially if harnessed at the right moment.

New Shurima Units

Callous Bonecrusher is a 4 mana unit with 6 | 3. If you proc its Reputation passive, it’ll cost just 2 mana, making it an absolute behemoth of a follower.

Ruin Runner is a 5 mana unit with 6 | 4 along with Overwhelm and Spell Shield.

New Shurima Spells

Ricochet is a 6 mana Slow spell that’ll deal 1 damage to a random enemy or 5 damage to the enemy Nexus. If you happen to proc its Reputation passive, its mana cost will be halved.

Boomerang Blade is a 7 mana Slow spell that’ll allow an ally to strike both the strongest and the weakest enemy on the board.

Payday is a 2 mana Focus spell that’ll create a Lucky Find in hand.

Walking Sands is a 2 mana Slow spell that’ll summon a Sandstone Charger.

New Shurima Landmarks

Inner Sanctum is a 3 mana landmark with a Countdown timer of 1. Once it reaches zero, you’ll get two Lucky Finds in hand. It also has a Reputation passive, and if proc’d, the landmark will cost zero mana.

Sandswept Tomb is a 5 mana landmark that’ll summon a Sandstone Charger whenever your allies attack.

Sandstone Charger is an Ephemeral unit with 5 | 2.

Closing Remarks

All in all, Empires of the Ascended is poised to shake the game up in a myriad of ways — most of which seem to be quite positive. The meta will surely be turned upside down, and we can’t wait to see it! In many ways, these new champions and mechanics echo much of what made Rising Tides so darn great way back when. Whether that’ll end up being true or not is anyone’s guess at this point, but there’s certainly a cause for optimism!

As always, we’ll be back with more coverage before you know it!