| 26. February 2021

Legends of Runeterra | Kindred Officially Unveiled

Another day of Legends of Runeterra spoilers means we have yet another champion to break down: Kindred! And, frankly speaking, they aren’t exactly the kind of champion you’d imagine would transition all that well into Legends of Runeterra. But as is so often the case, Riot found a way to not only make the transition seamless, but also turn Kindred into a bona fide powerhouse!

One thing is for certain: Empires of the Ascended is looking like a mighty good time, and we can’t wait for it to finally hit live servers on March 3rd!

Legends of Runeterra | Kindred Joins the Fray

Kindred is a 5 mana champion from the Shadow Isles with 4 | 4 and Quick Attack. The first time you slay a unit each round, Kindred will mark the Weakest enemy unit that is on the board. At the end of the round, the marked unit will be destroyed. To level up Kindred, they’ll have to slay at least 2 units with their passive effect.

Once leveled up, they’ll grow to 5 | 5 and their passive will become even stronger. The first time they slay a unit each round, Kindred will gain +2 | +2 in addition to retaining the aforementioned passive effect.

Overall, as far as champions go, Kindred looks staggeringly powerful. There’s also a fair bit of synergy between their Slay passive and the main underlying engine behind Shadow Isles decks. It’ll be interesting to see what players come up with, but one thing is for certain: it’ll definitely pack a punch!

New Shadow Isles Followers

Fading Icon is a 2 mana unit from Shadow Isles with 3 | 1. Once brought onto the board, Fading Icon will automatically summon a Prey. (a 0 mana unit with 0 | 1)

The Etherfiend is a 7 mana unit from the Shadow Isles with 6 | 4 and the Fearsome keyword. Once you summon it, you’ll be able to kill an ally and then kill an enemy in return.

Mask Mother is a 2 mana unit with 2 | 2 and Fearsome. It also has a Play effect: kill an ally to grant Mask Mother its stats and keywords. Overall, this is quite a potent effect, but it’ll all depend on how and when you use it. Either way, a great follower that won’t “break the bank” mana-wise.

Spirit Leech is a 4 mana unit with 4 | 1 and a Play effect: kill an ally to draw 2.

New Shadow Isles Spells

Spirit Journey is a 5 mana Fast spell that’ll allow you to kill a unit and then revive it. This will obviously be one of the most important tools in Kindred-based decks.

Lamb’s Respite is a 2 mana Slow spell that’ll give the Weakest ally “I can’t take damage or die” throughout the round.

Unto Dusk is a 2 mana Burst spell that has two effects: the first one will allow you to draw a card. The second one, however, is of the Nightfall variety. If you happen to proc it, it can then activate the Nigthfall effect of another ally on the board, ignoring any targeted portions.

Song of the Isles is a 2 mana Burst spell that will grant an ally Lifesteal, Fearsome, and Ephemeral. An interesting mechanic that’s just perfect when combined with all of the spells (and even followers) listed above.

Closing Remarks

As one commenter put it, any kind of fight with Kindred — given that she emerges from it as the victor — will automatically turn things into a 2-for-1 kind of deal. That’s downright amazing and will no doubt empower Shadow Isles in all the right ways! And their Quick Attack keyword makes this all the more powerful. Four damage is nothing to scoff at, and leveling them up isn’t all that complicated either. By the looks of it, Kindred could easily grow into one of the most OP picks from the Empires of the Ascended expansion, but we’ll reserve judgement until we get our hands on this exciting new set!

Either way, we’ll be back with more coverage!