| 28. April 2021

Legenda of Runeterra | Five New Cards Revealed, Zilean Next In Line

It’s a brand new day which means we’ve got a slew of exciting Legends of Runeterra cards to go over — this time they’re all related to Zilean in some way, shape, or form and, by proxy, the Shumiran region.

This time around, there’s not a whole lot to break down: just five cards, to be more exact. Still, it’s more than enough to get our blood pumping and to create a bit of hype. We can’t predict anything with absolute confidence, but if we were to take a wild stab in the dark, we’d argue that Zilean is probably going to be revealed tomorrow. So, with that in mind, these cards are definitely setting the stage for what’s to come.

So, without any further ado, let’s get down to business!

Legends of Runeterra | New Zilean-Related Cards

Preservationist” is a 5 mana unit from Shurima with 4 | 4. It also has a Play effect. Once it is brought onto the board, all allied landmarks will advance 3 rounds.

The Clock Hand” is an 8 mana unit from Shurima with 4 | 7. Once summoned, it’ll create two Instant Centuries in your hand.

Instant Century” is a 0 mana Focus spell from Shurima that’ll summon a random landmark with Coundown or, alternatively, advance a landmark for 4 rounds. Quite an incredible spell, you’ll probably agree.

Imagined Possibilities” is a 1 mana Focus spell from Shurima that’ll create a random landmark with Countdown in hand, or advance your landmarks for 1 round. It’s not as mind-blowing as “Instant Century” but it’s not half-bad either. In any case, if you plan on running a Zilean-themed deck (almost certainly alongside Azir), you need as many spells like these as possible.

Time in a Bottle” is a 2 mana Focus spell from Shurima that’ll first allow you to Predict and then advance an allied landmark for 2 rounds.

Closing Remarks

All in all, this is quite an interesting slew of cards, all of which are directly tied to Zilean and his inherent playstyle (most of which is still shrouded in mystery). “The Clock Hand” is definitely the most dangerous of the bunch, not just for its respectable stats but also for the fact that it’ll create two Instant Centuries — a huge boon that’ll advance your landmarks by a whopping eight rounds in total without you investing even a single mana crystal.

Quite powerful, all things considered.

Still, this is just a foretaste and an alluring prelude into a more much exciting reveal. Stay tuned, as “The Chronokeeper” is bound to make an official appearance tomorrow night!