Fragster | 28. July 2021

League of Legends – Pro Khan set to retire next season

Kim “Khan” Dong-ha has revealed that the 2021 League of Legends World Championship could be his last high profile event, with the South Korean set to be called up for military service in his native South Korea.

The 25-year-old top laner only joined DWG Kia in January this year, however it appears that the former SK Telecom T1 and FunPlus Phoenix star will be retiring at some point in the near future. Speaking during a recent live stream, Khan admitted that he “won’t be able to avoid it”. Continuing, Khan stated that: “It will be a ‘direct hit’ as I used up all of my chances [to deny it.]”

Why Khan has to carry out military service

All males in South Korea must complete military service at some point between the age of 18 and 28. Service can last up to three years, with Khan knowing that he will have to enroll in June 2022, the same month as the LCK Summer Split.

“Of course, I am still able to compete in spring, but what’s the most important thing? [The] World Championship. It doesn’t make any sense for a team with their sight set on Worlds to play me in spring, but not in summer.” Said Khan.

While a law in South Korea has been put forward that would allow those in the world of culture and arts to delay their military service until the age of 16, it is unlikely to come to fruition in time for Khan. Speaking on this subject, Khan stated: “Why can’t I defer my [military service] to a later date? There are such and such reasons, just know that I no longer can’t.”

Khan set to miss out on 2022 Asian Games

The news of his potential retirement will come as a shock to many, especially given the fact that League of Legends, along with other Esports titles, will feature at the 2022 Asian Games. Some have discussed the possibility of South Korean Esports pros being offered exemption in order for them to attend the event, however this is unlikely to be any use to Khan.