| 29. August 2020

LCK Summer 2020 Semifinal Preview – Gen.G Esports vs. DragonX

The Playoffs Stage of LCK Summer 2020 only has one match left to be played before the Grand Final. DAMWON Gaming will be waiting there for the winner of the Semifinal, which takes place between DragonX and Gen.G Esports. The odds for this match are massively in favor of DragonX and in this article I’ll explain why.

LCK Summer 2020 Playoffs Results


The Playoffs of LCK Summer 2020 started with a highly anticipated match: T1 versus Afreeca Freecs. Almost everyone assumed that Faker and his squad would beat Afreeca, just as they had done in the Group Stage. But after some fatal mistakes in games 1 and 3, T1 somehow managed to lose. This was bad news for every T1 fan and especially for Faker, who is known to put a lot of passion into what he does.

The next Playoffs match took place between Afreeca Freecs and Gen.G Esports. Just as everyone expected, this encounter finished very quickly: 24, 23, and 31 minutes. Or around 78 minutes in total. That’s how dominant Gen.G Esports was against Afreeca.

Semifinal Preview

The Semifinal match of LCK Summer 2020 will be played between two teams that already met each other twice in the Group Stage: DragonX and Gen.G. On the surface, DragonX is guaranteed to win the dispute, having won the previous two. But because those matches ended with a narrow victory (2 – 1) in favor of DragonX, I think this upcoming Bo5 can actually end with a narrow score as well. On paper, DragonX shouldn’t lose the fight. But they will likely lose at least one game. Possibly two.

Another thing to keep in mind here is Gen.G’s Spring Split. The team finished the Group Stage in 1st place and the Playoffs in 2nd place, after getting smashed by T1 (3 – 0) in the Grand Final.

The skill difference between these two teams is not as huge as it seems, but it is considerable. And when we analyze everything, I think it’s more than likely that DragonX will win.