Jamie | 8. January 2021

Kasper Sindt Named as New Commercial Director of Astralis Group

Former National Danish Football Association employee Kasper Sindt has been named as commercial director by leading Esports organization Astralis Group. Sindt had been operating as head of commercial partnerships with the Danish FA, where he spent over three years. His new role is set to get underway on March 1.

Why 2021 Has Already Been Busy for Astralis

The Astralis Group has certainly wasted little time in getting going in 2021, with the organization having already announced the arrival of a new business analyst and motion designer, with Cristopher Gude and Alexander Jensen having been hired. Speaking on the arrival of Sindt, Astralis Group CEO, Anders Horsholt, made the following statement:

“Over the past three+ years, Kasper Sindt has held the position as Head of Sales & Commercial Partnerships at DBU A/S, the National Danish Football Association, and combined with his many years of experience overseeing sales, sponsorships, and marketing in organisations like Velux and Promovator, Kasper’s presence will be a significant addition to the commercial profile of Astralis Group.”

Astralis has picked up where they left off from 2020, having launched a new talent development initiative in November, which will be known as Astralis Talent. The initiative has been established in the attempt to develop youngsters and bring them through into the professional scene.

What Those in Charge at the Astralis Group Have Said on the New Arrival

Astralis Group co-founder, Jakob Lund Kristensen, has also had his say on recent changes within the organization, stating that: “We are building a scaleable commercial platform and organisation, where we will be working even closer to the individual partners, while also developing the overall commercial strategy in relevant markets.

“We have already assembled a strong commercial group, but for every step we take, the potential for what can be achieved seems to grow even more. To meet our ambitions, and to be able to deliver on all agreements with a growing number of key partners, we must prepare the organisation for a significant expansion over the coming years – without compromising on quality and innovation.”

Many in the know have already talked up the hiring of Sindt, with his experience potentially being invaluable to the organization. The Dane is expected to be at the forefront when it comes to developing new partnerships.

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