| 29. November 2021

Hardware – 3 really good Smartphones for playing mobile games

While in the past cell phones were only used for calls, SMS or other basic things like maybe a calculator, it is very different today, with the possibility of using your phone not only to work and to connect, but also to play games. And so it is no surprise that there is a huge market out there for phones to play professionally on.

But to have a high and good performance in your mobile games, you need to have a powerful cell phone. But if you want to have a good device you will have to invest a little bit of money. But we don’t want you to be broke either so we have researched some good options for you to not spend too much, but to have a good performance in your games.

Redmi 10 Carbon Gray 4GB RAM 128GB ROM

From Chinese darling Xiaomi, Redmi 10 is a great value for money if you want to play games. Xiaomi is already well known for bringing good devices at an affordable price. And with the Redmi 10 Carbon, which features 4 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage, you’ll be able to do most of your daily tasks plus you can play most of the games of the moment with good performance, such as League of Legends: Wild Rift, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile and other big hit names. The phone is priced at about 255 € and is sold in most online retail stores.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 128GB 4G

Samsung is also a great option if you want to play games on your phone. We would even count on the e S10 or S10+ that can be found for good prices in the gray market (like ebay, Facebook Marketplace, etc) and delivers great performance, but since we are talking about new and newer phones, the S20 Fe also ends up appearing as a good option. Currently, the phone is around 270 € in most online stores, and may vary in physical locations.


Apple iPhone XR 64GB

iPhone XR adds elegance to good performance, but the price is still high. And last but not least the classic iPhone. If you want to test something different from android devices, you can also opt for an iPhone XR, which today, in comparison with other Apple devices, comes out for a good price (around 475 €) and delivers a great performance, with cameras that have a very high quality. Despite all its qualities, the iPhone XR is an alternative that ends up not being the best cost-benefit by any means, because with this money you can find devices that perform equally or even better.

iphone xr

What do you think of our list? Let us know on Twitter if you agree or disagree with us and if you tried any of these smartphones.