Fabio | 11. September 2020

GSA Finals Preview: Who Will Take The Trophy Home?

A group of four teams from the DACH region is about to fight for 28.000€ and the trophy of GSA League. In attendance are Rogue and Team Secret, who have successfully carried the torch of German Rainbow Six Siege into the highest European competition, EUL. However, in G2 Esports, they will encounter a brutal adversary on their way to the Grand Finals. DIVIZON will try to bring the heat to these top teams and do some damage along the way.


Rogue have secured first place in R6PL (and EUL) twice in a row now. But at the European Major, the Rogue players exited in last place. So which performance should we expect at this event?

Even if the shaky version of Rogue enters the GSA Finals, they should still hold all the cards in their match with Team Secret. Niklas “KS” Massierer and Daniel “Exp0” Massierer were booted from the roster just yesterday and replaced by Ville “SHA77E” Palola. Their coach, Lasse “Lazzo” Klie will fill the vacant spot, but the organization will be looking to sign another pro player in the near future. This transition to English communication is something that Rogue have gone through themselves just a few months ago – and they certainly didn’t get back to their highest level in just three days. So we should probably set our expectations for this temporary Secret roster quite low.


In GSA League, DIVIZON have lost both of their matches against G2. But that’s hardly a surprise, given that the G2 players are all veteran R6 competitors and playing on the highest international level. But DIVIZON actually managed to secure victories over Team Secret and Rogue during the regular season. This propelled them upwards in the standings and actually helped them secure a slot for the Finals. But G2 are arguably a tiny bit too much for them. However, online games have proven to be quite unpredictable, so maybe DIVIZON will actually deliver the ultimate upset victory here. Still, they shouldn’t really put all their eggs in this one basket. They don’t need to win their Opening Match, as their biggest chances lie in the Lower Bracket. If they manage to contend with Rogue and Secret, they will land a spot in the Grand Finals. For a team of their caliber, this would be a success story already.

Similarly to the Major, the Lower Bracket is where it’s at. Between Rogue and Secret, one team will have to drop to the Losers’ Match already. So we’re definitely in for a treat. Tomorrow, the Pre-Show will commence at 12:45 CEST. At 13:25 CEST, the first Semi-Finals match will kick off.