Fabio | 12. October 2021

GoSkilla Exp0: “Everything’s possible in EUCL.”

Daniel “Exp0” Massierer is the in-game leader for GoSkilla. We’ve already been able to witness his talents in the European League under Team Secret.

Now, he’s playing in the GSA League and European Challenger League for GoSkilla to slowly get back to the highest tier of competition. We interviewed the brother of Niklas “KS” Massierer on his team and their chances in EUCL.

Fragster: You already managed to gather quite a lot of Tier 1 experience with Team Secret in 2020. Does that help you prepare for the upcoming EUCL season?

Exp0: Every bit of experience I got in the Tier 1 field I will apply to my team now. We’ll focus a lot on teamplay, droning and in-game-leading.

How do you prepare for Group D? What do you think of your opponents, GAMMA, HellRaisers, and Mkers?

We prepare ourselves by looking at the maps they picked and banned most, so that we first of all now which maps we can play against them. Our Group D is perhaps the hardest group, since we’re going up against different playstyles. GAMMA, for instance, heavily lean towards teamplay. You’ll never see them push by themselves. A team like HellRaisers, on the other hand, plays incredibly aggressively. They’ll try to capture as much space as possible within seconds and then show off their gun skills. Mkers are also a great team, and in my opinion they’re the favorites going into EUCL. They have lots of experience and will show lots of new stuff we haven’t seen from them so far.

Do you think it’s possible for you to successfully make it out of Group D and advance to the playoffs? If so, is qualifying to EUL part of the plan as well?

Everything’s possible in EUCL, since it’s only Best-of-Ones. We’ll try our best and hope that we can get as many wins as possible in Group D. Is it possible to go all the way to the EUL relegation? It’s doable, but it’s going to be a tough road ahead.

If you had the option, what would you change about Siege?

For one, I’d like to change the bugs! 😉 Unfortunately, there are a lot of tiny issues within the game that really have to be fixed at one point. Adding to that, I’d like to change up the map pool. There are a lot of great maps in Siege that aren’t even part of the competitive pool.

Finally: Where can we follow you and your team?

You can follow us on Twitter (@Exp0R6, @Goskilla), and of course on my own Twitch channel, where I stream regularly.

On October 15, the team will be diving straight into the Rainbow Six European Challenger League. There, they can fight for a spot in EUL, the biggest competition within the region. Thanks to Exp0 and GoSkilla for this interview!