| 4. October 2021

Gambit Esports Wins IEM Fall: CIS

Gambit has done the seemingly impossible and won the title of IEM Fall: CIS. The team was up against serious opposition in the region but succeeded nonetheless. Given how strong Na’Vi is at the moment, Gambit’s victory clearly proves that nafany and his crew may have regained their former prowess in the last few weeks of training.

IEM Fall: CIS Group Stage Results

IEM Fall: CIS had 12 participants and they were divided into 2 groups. Gambit won its group with 4 wins and 1 loss. Unsurprisingly, this loss was suffered against Overall, the group Gambit had to play in was rough. 3 of the 6 teams had the same result in the end: 4 W – 1 L. However, sh1ro’s crew took first place after it won the tiebreakers.

In the other group of IEM Fall: CIS, Na’Vi had a relatively easy week. The team’s record was 5 W – 0 L and its overall round score was 80 W – 58 L. Several times, the battle was harder than expected. But the roster’s experience and s1mple’s talent came to the rescue.

Playoffs Results

In the Playoffs of IEM Fall: CIS, Na’Vi encountered in the Semifinals while Gambit had to play against Entropiq. Na’Vi struggled against its opponent, needing extra time on the first map and winning with a score of 16 – 12 on the second map. But Gambit humiliated Entropiq (16 – 0; 16 – 4), even though this team had come close to beating Na’Vi (14 – 16). This was the first sign that Hobbit and his squad could actually upset Na’Vi and win the Grand Final.

Grand Final

The Grand Final of IEM Fall: CIS ended much quicker than everyone expected but not with the anticipated result. Gambit simply demolished Na’Vi and seemed to know exactly what to do in every round. The final score was 2 – 0 (16 – 7 on Overpass and 16 – 11 on Mirage).


Photo credit: IEM|Steffie-Wunderl