Fabio | 30. August 2020

G2 Secure 6th IGNITION Series Win At LVL Clash 2

G2 Esports just can’t stop themselves. Until now, they have won every single RIOT-sanctioned VALORANT event on European soil. The IGNITION Series found its end with LVL Clash 2. Of course, G2 took part – and without haste the played themselves into the Grand Finals.


The team managed to get through the Group Stage unscathed, not losing a single map. Their wins weren’t exactly dominant, but solid victories overall. In the Quarter Finals, they faced Rix.GG, which they absolutely dismantled in two short maps. In FunPlus Phoenix, they had finally found their match in the Semi Finals.

FPX made Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas and his compatriots sweat a lot. On Bind, Kirill “ANGE1” Karasiow made them work for their rounds. The veteran Counter-Strike player has found a second life in VALORANT and led his team into overtime against G2. With 30 kills total, he was the sole reason as to why FPX managed to stay in the match. In the end, his massive performance wasn’t enough and G2 Esports secured the map victory with 15-13.

This loss must have affected them greatly. On Bind, FPX failed to get into the match at all, letting go of 9 rounds in the first half. Despite a small comeback on defense, it wasn’t enough to keep G2 Esports from barreling on to the Grand Finals.

In the pre-match interview, Ardis “ardiis” Svarenieks jokingly stated that he would quit his career if they were to lose the Grand Finals. Or maybe it wasn’t a joke, because G2 really did play as if their lives depended on it.

On the first map, Split, Bonk were able to shock them with an early lead. Even as G2 started accumulating rounds themselves, the Swedes were still able to come out of the first half with a 7-5 lead. Unfortunately, they now had to face the G2 offense. This gave ardiis plenty of time to shine. With 29 kills and a 250 ADR he could probably have won this game on his lonesome. A 13-8 victory gave G2 Esports a map lead and brought them one step closer to mounting the perfect tournament series run.

On Ascent, they were quick to do so. Bonk may have won the pistol round again, but their opponents still ran off with the half. Getting 8 rounds before half-time meant that the team only required 5 more rounds on the defense to seal the deal.

With that 2-0 victory, G2 were the winners of LVL Clash 2. In the last tournament of the IGNITION Series, they were able to impress yet again and are thus the only RIOT-sanctioned tournament winners in Europe. Soon, we will see the VALORANT event circuit continue. Hopefully, we will at some point witness them compete internationally and on offline soil. Only then will we find out whether G2 are the world’s best team.