Jamie | 11. August 2020

Fortnite Week 9 Challenges Released

The release of new Fortnite challenges are always widely anticipated, with the week 9 batch having recently been leaked online. Chapter 2 of Season 3 is now drawing to a close, at least we think it is, meaning that just two weeks of regular season challenges remain. Many are still likely to be busy aiming to complete Week 8 challenges, however with new challenges set to kick off on August 13, making quick progress is now a priority, especially when it comes to Battle Pass and eliminations.

While Week 9 challenges are still yet to become official and are therefore subject to change, leaks are generally very close, giving players a good understanding of what will be released on Thursday. So, without further ado, the following challenges are set to be released in Week 9:

  • Search 7 chests at Pleasant Park
  • Get 3 eliminations at The Fortilla
  • Gas up a vehicle at Catty Corner
  • Stoke 3 campfires at Camp Cod
  • Collect 200 metal at Hydro 16
  • Eliminate 7 Henchman or Marauders
  • Eliminate 70 Henchman or Marauders (Team)
  • Search 7 ammo boxes at Misty Meadows

How Will Fortnite Week 9 Challenges Work?

Looking at this list, Week 9 challenges appear to be relatively straightforward, due to the fact that many centre around locations that are instantly clear on the Fortnite map. However, some will force players to navigate to more diverse locations, especially when collecting metal at Hydro 16 and stoking campfires at Camp Cod. Gassing up a vehicle at Catty Corner may be something new for some too, however this requires little understanding or instruction really.

Elsewhere, the team challenge surrounding Henchman and Marauders is interesting because of its elimination requirements, with 70 being needed in total. However, the XP on offer here will most likely make it a worthwhile challenge, if a little time consuming. While many believe that Fortnite challenges this time round have been disappointing in comparison to previous seasons, new locations and card should keep players satisfied. Either way, be sure to keep an eye out when Week 9 challenges go live on Thursday at 9am CET.