Jamie | 17. February 2021

Fortnite Player “Clix” Receives Indefinite Ban on Twitch

Cody “Clix” Conrod has received a third ban from streaming platform Twitch, with the Fortnite star having been reprimanded shortly after competing at the 2021 Champion Series. The NRG Esports man called it a “perma-ban”, meaning that it remains to be seen as to whether the 16-year-old is able to continue to create content on Twitch.

Clix was removed from Twitch on February 15, with the American uploading a picture to his Twitter page that stated “Your suspension will not be automatically lifted. Access to our services may only be restored upon successful appeal.” Despite his youth, Clix has become one of the biggest names in Fortnite, with his following on Twitch having reached 3.5 million of late.

Why Clix Has Been Banned in the Past

His streams often attract tens of thousands of viewers, however Clix has often found himself in hot water with the streaming platform. He was first banned at the end of 2019 following a stream with “Zayn”, who himself has permanently been struck off Twitch. Clix received his second ban in November last year, having been one of many content creators and personalities to have been part of a DMCA banwave.

It is believed that his latest ban comes as a result of a broadcast that contained explicit content, however the teenager was still shocked to receive it. Speaking on Twitter, Clix posted: “Bro, what the f***, I’m banned on Twitch. Perma ban… on everything I love.”

How Clix’s Relationship with Twitch Went South

Clix only signed an exclusive agreement with Twitch in October 2020, meaning that it has taken just four months for the two parties to come to blows again. However, NRG have already hinted that it will fight the ban vigorously, with CEO Any Miller posting “We on it” just moments after the ban was issued.

Just prior to the ban, Clix had tweeted his delight at how the FNCS had started, stating that: “Amazing stream today,” Clix tweeted three hours prior to the ban. Peaked at 108k viewers f***ing nuts. Love you guys, played insane today. Appreciate any new followers/subs today.”

Appeals can take some time to be resolved, meaning that it could be a while before we see Clix back on Twitch. We will bring further updates as they become public knowledge.