Jamie | 8. January 2021

Fortnite Hacker “KEZ” Takes to Twitter to Proclaim Innocence

KEZ, the former Fortnite Champion Series champion, has resurfaced on Twitter this week in order to proclaim his innocence, having been banned from the Battle Royale game as a result of alleged cheating. The American received his ban during the Frosty Frenzy event, with the Chapter 2 – Season 1 winner having been silent ever since.

Why Was KEZ Banned in the First Place?

An unknown source all but confirmed that KEZ had bought an illegal third-party cheat some months prior to the event. However, he is now back in the public eye and keen to clear his name. With three weeks having now passed, KEZ posted on Twitter, stating that: “What happened to that guy I supposedly ‘bought’ off of? Why’d he delete the tweet then deactivate? He made a fake business email in my username (I have never made a business email) and paid himself on Paypal or inspect element.”

The account that outed KEZ changed its name from @TankedGG to @FyzaFN, however both are not inactive. This has led to the American further questioning his ban, continuing his posts by saying:

“Also he realized if he kept pretending like he is a real cheat seller he was going to get a rude awakening from Epic Games lawyers, changed to a random Fortnite name, and called himself a detective instead.”

What Does the Future Hold for KEZ?

It is unclear whether KEZ is looking to be reinstated by Epic Games, however this appears very unlikely in any case. Clips of exchanges between KEZ and other Fortnite pros emerged shortly after his ban, with “Bugzvii” having responded to a Tweet from KEZ by saying: “So you wanna talk about it now?” Bugzvii also posted a clip of KEZ boasting about his actions during an Arena Match. Meanwhile, fellow Fortnite pro “Jahq” said: “so like people can do this but im not allowed to hit 5 bloom body shots from an easy arc trajectory shockwave bouncer player from like 90 meters away lol.”

Epic has handed out severe punishments to a host of players in the past, with Fortnite’s anti-cheat technology helping in this area too. Fortnite World Champion Bugha is the highest profile player to have received an in- game warning, handed out due to “collusion” during a tournament.