| 27. November 2021

Fortnite – 5 Fun Features vs. 5 Features that Made the Game worse

One very popular factor that makes Fortnite stand out among other games in the Esports industry is its regular updates, patches and additions, which happen several times a year. Fortnite’s developers at Epic Games are always innovating and creating new features, characters and skins, and bringing more fun to the Battle Royale and the Fortnite island in general.

Since 2017 when Fortnite was first released, so many features have been introduced, but not all of them achieved that aim of making the game more exciting for fans. Some of the features made the game more fun, while some others were so utterly unnecessary that they almost ruined the entire game. In this piece, we will highlight, side by side, some of the features that made Fortnite more fun and the ones that made it worse.

10. Features that Made Fortnite Fun: Season 3 Graphics Overhaul

Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 3 came with a new graphics overhaul that made the game more beautiful. The graphics quality of the first two seasons of the Battle Royale looked rather outdated, and the game’s performance lagged on consoles. The graphics overhaul made the game’s appearance a lot better and gave it an improved performance speed on consoles.

Typically, many game developers do not pay much attention to the console community. Instead, they concentrate more on improving the experience of people who play the games via PC. This upgrade of Fortnite was a good booster for the console community, and a proof that the game developers also care about them.


9. Features that Made Fortnite Worse: Skill Based Matchmaking

In the quest to give new players an opportunity to compete fairly and win the game, most competitive games adopted the skill-based matchmaking feature. This feature automatically pairs users according to their gaming abilities. Ideally, this feature was supposed to make the competition balanced, but it ended up getting backlash from the fans.

The truth is, sometimes, fans just want to explore and have fun by playing with people at different skill levels. Some newbies and intermediate players, for instance, want to sometimes challenge the pros. They want to flex their muscles on them and shoot towards getting the bragging right that comes with giving a pro a run for their money! For this reason, many players have complained that the skill-based matchmaking feature reduced the fun of the game.

8. Features that Made Fortnite Fun: Arena Mode Feature

The Arena mode feature serves as a kind of solution to the dull moment that came with skill-based matchmaking. It comes with a ranking system that allows competitive players to slug it out with equally skilled players, while moving up the ranking system based on their performance.

The Arena mode comes with a large pool of prizes including cash rewards for skilled players. Fans welcomed the arena mode feature with joy, and hope that Epic Games considers expanding it to make it more fun and rewarding for players who want to advance to becoming professional players.

7. Features that made Fortnite worse: Challenge Table

Before the Challenge Table was introduced in Chapter 2 Season 2, Fortnite players used an easy-to-understand season challenge menu. It was straightforward to follow and players never had reasons to complain. Though the challenge table, when added, came with some cool visuals, it was quite difficult to follow, and many users didn’t know how to use the interface.

Most of the players wanted this feature to be upgraded to allow them to display their pending challenges on the screen while on the battlefield. This way, they can easily plan on the challenges to complete in a particular area.

challenge table

6. Features that made Fortnite More fun: Vehicles

With Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 came lots of negative feedback from fans, especially complaints about reduced mobility. Epic Games, in their usual style, responded with a solution- vehicles! Apart from vehicles, helicopters and launch pads also solves the problem of moving around the map and having swift movement during fights.

5. Features that made Fortnite Worse: Mythic Weapons

The thought of mythical weapons sounds cool and exciting, but it came at a very wrong time. Many Fortnite players were complaining about the imbalance of guns. They wanted the guns and other weapons to be viable and balanced, but instead, they got mythic weapons. The mythic weapons are often overpowered, and gives players an unfair advantage that could launch even a rookie to victory royale.

4. Features that made Fortnite more fun: Turbo Building

Some players may argue that this feature doesn’t add to the fun, but for most people, it brought ease and convenience. Turbo building feature allows players to constantly place builds down by holding down their building input button instead of repeatedly pressing the mouse or trigger on the controller.

The downside of this feature is that some players, newbies especially, misuse it to spam builds even when not necessary. That aside, this feature saved many players to avoid the finger injuries that come from repeatedly firing the trigger. It also had a huge influence in the evolution of Fortnite buildings from what it used to be, to what it is now.

turbo building

3. Features that made Fortnite worse: Ballers

At first, when ballers were added, people thought it was one of the coolest vehicles on the Fortnite battle royale, but with time, they all realized that it brought more frustrating than fun. By moving incredibly speedily and causing players to grapple from a far distance, ballers almost ruined the fun of the tournaments.

2. Features that made Fortnite more fun: Cross Play

From the inception of the Fortnite game, players, especially console users, have always wanted the game publishers to improve its collaborative feature in a way that they can play with other players who use XBox, PC and other devices. With the introduction of Cross-play, players can now play with their friends on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, PS4, etc.
Cross-play was the unifier that brought all Fortnite players under one big umbrella and revolutionized multiplayer gaming.

1. Features that made Fortnite worse: Chapter 2 Graphic Overhaul on Consoles

When it was released, the chapter 2 graphic overhaul seemed to have dragged console gaming back to the stone age. It came with many rendering issues, and the updated visuals didn’t give console players much control over some settings like view distance and shadows.

Many other games out there allow console players to fully customize their graphics settings, and this control contribute in making the gameplay more seamless.