| 21. September 2020

FlyToMoon Brings In RodjER

FlyToMoon is one of the strongest Dota 2 teams in CIS. In 2020, they’ve had 7 top 4 results so far and managed to win 3 trophies. But whenever they are faced with one of the strongest teams in Europe, they almost always lose. So something had to change and I think this player transfer will solve the problem.

Who Is RodjER

RodjER is an absolute legend at this point. Along with GH from Nigma and a few others, he’s one of the best position 4 players in the world. I actually had the chance to play with him once in one of my pubs and the man is absolutely brilliant.

RodjER started his career around 7 years ago and slowly worked his way up to the top. In May 2017 he joined Team Empire and finished 7th – 8th at The International that year. Then he had a relatively modest season with Na’Vi but still managed to win some important trophies until early 2018. One of those trophies was won against none other than, which was formidable at the time.

Following this loss, VP started to make plans for a roster change. And just several months later, Lil was swapped for RodjER and that set in motion a period of 18 months of successes. During this time, was arguably the number one team in the world. They only messed up at The International. Other than that, they won Major after Major and it looked like nothing could stand in their way.

Being a member of VP, RodjER had the opportunity to play against the best teams in the world and in the Grand Final of 7 Majors, out of which he managed to win 4. His style is extremely effective and in the right type of team, he can perform miracles. And that is why I think we’ll see a huge improvement in FlyToMoon’s playstyle and results in the coming months.

FlyToMoon’s Roster

FTM was already a solid team with world-class players like Iceberg, GeneRaL, and ALWAYSWANNAFLY. But now that they have RodjER, they are much stronger and have a lot more experience to rely upon. Arguably, nobody on this team has had more success at the highest level than him and his contribution has already led FTM to an important result: 1st place in OMEGA League: Europe Divine Division. He was only a stand-in for them in that tournament. But, the same way in which Alliance signed fng after having him as a stand-in at multiple events, FTM decided to sign RodjER after seeing what he can do for them at this one. Although, to be fair, the man had already proved himself while playing for

FTM’s first chance to secure a spot at an important event is today. Yesterday they managed to beat 5men in the qualifiers for OGA Dota PIT Season 3: Europe/CIS. Now they need to beat NiP. If they succeed, they will have a real opportunity to test their strength against the strongest competitors in Europe and CIS.


Photo credit: Valve