Jamie | 29. September 2020

FIFA Pro Tim Latka Will Not Be Purchasing FIFA 21 Points

In a move that has surprised many, Tim “Tim Latka” Schwartmann has announced that he will not be spending any money on FIFA 21. The game is due for release on October 6, with creators EA Sports making a large amount of their revenue from in-game purchases, such as points to use on the Ultimate Team game mode. However, Tim Latka believes that profession players such as himself have a responsibility to show that a player’s number of points does not reflect their ability. So, just what kind of impact will this decision have on his placements?

Why Tim Latka Has Made Such a Decision

With over four years worth of experience as a professional, during which he has represented FC Schalke 04 Esports, Schwartmann announced his decision just a matter of weeks ahead of the official release of FIFA 21. Instead of making in-game purchases, the German organisation will instead donate the money in which they would have spent to charity.

FC Schalke 04 Esports made the following statement regarding Schwartmann’s decision: “Our FIFA athlete Tim Latka announced that he won’t but any FIFA Points this year as he doesn’t agree that your wallet should define your gaming skills. We support his decision and decided to donate the amount of money we would have given to him to the Robert Enke Foundation.”

Will Schwartmann Remain Competitive?

Schwartmann himself made it clear that he would not be making any more videos surrounding the opening of packs earned through FIFA points, something in which he has not done for an extended period anyway.

Some of Schwartmann’s biggest rivals are set to spend thousands in an attempt to get their preferred line-ups, a risk many believe is almost a neccessity in order to be competitive at the highest level. Tim Latka will be hoping that he can continue to put in strong performances despite his lack of purchases, as this is something in which he has been doing for a significant amount of time anway. His decision will mean that the Robert Enke Foundation can expect to receive some significant donations, with the organisation working to raise awareness of mental health within Esports.