Jamie | 14. August 2020

FIFA 21 Volta Football Features Unveiled by EA Sports

Volta Football is perhaps the most anticipated game mode in FIFA 21, with developers EA Sports having given fans a taster of what is to come by unveiling some key features, which include nutmegs, improved customisation and seamless dribbling.

Despite Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and Career Mode being the most popular forms of FIFA gameplay, the introduction of Volta is certainly exciting. The five-a-side option is a throwback to the indoor mode found on FIFA 97, with the latest information from EA having attracted the interest of many.

EA has promised intelligent squad movement, rewarding one on one situations and new game pacing, with players being able to customise their avatar with real-life apparel. The fact that players can pit their skills against both AI-controlled opponents and teams from the Volta community only makes this game mode all the more appealing, with a total of 23 stadiums being found too.

What Can Players Look Forward to With Volta Football?

Energised skill moves, agile dribbling, nutmegs and improvements surrounding shooting, defending and attacking intelligence are just some of the Volta features unveiled by EA Sports this week. Meanwhile, there are a number of different ways in which to play Volta Football in FIFA 21, with an online community making it easy for users to find an opponent.

On top of this, having created your Volta avatar, players can choose to team up with other avatars from the community to compete online, while teaming up with friends is also available. As with other FIFA game modes, divisions and rankings will help to separate teams in Volta, with 5 being the lowest rank and 1 being the highest.

How Will Recruitment Work in Volta?

Players will also have the opportunity to recruit current footballing superstars for their Volta squad, including cover star Kylian Mbappe and icons such as Eric Cantona and Diego Maradona. Meanwhile, players can also unlock club kits and additional attire by competing in featured battles, with jerseys from Real Madrid, Liverpool and others being found.

5 new locations have also been added by EA, coming in the shape of Sao Paulo, Paris, Sydney, Dubai and Milan, with each stadium delivering its own unique atmosphere and culture.

How Can Progress be Made When Playing Volta?

Playing consistently will help to improve the quality of avatars in FIFA 21, while training exercises are also available to focus upon specific areas, whether it be quicker ball movement, shielding the ball, interceptions, finishing or blocking shots.

Elsewhere, learning different gameplay strategies by playing against teams with different playing styles will benefit players, while rewards can be collected along the way for winning matches, completing skills and winning tournaments.