Fragster | 29. July 2021

Evil Geniuses – partner with British Soccer Club Wolves

Evil Geniuses has announced it has partnered with English Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. As part of the deal, Wolves’ owner, Fosun Sports Group, will invest in the North American Esports organization. Evil Geniuses is now worth $255 million, while they will also become the first to org to feature in NA, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

What Evil Geniuses said on the announcement

Speaking on the announcement, Evil Geniuses CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson stated that: “We are thrilled to partner with Wolves, a storied football club and strong sports and entertainment brand that aligns with our values and mission. This deal will help power Evil Geniuses’ expansion into the Asian markets while also providing new capital to sign more world-class players and grow into new esports titles.”

As a result of the investment from the Fosun Sports Group, Evil Geniuses will branch out into additional global markets. Meanwhile, Wolves logos will also now appear on Evil Geniuses’ jerseys. On top of this, both English and Chinese content, merchandise and sponsorship deals will also be formed.

The updated Evil Geniuses jersey is already available via their online store, with the org having posted the following message on Twitter: “We may have partnered with the @Wolves , but we still #bleedblue (now we just do it with a bit of Old Gold). Check out our updated jersey—available now!”

How Wolves made their mark in esports

Wolves already operates a FIFA Esports team, as well as competing in both Call of Duty Mobile and Rocket League. While there have been rumors that their Rocket League team would disband, this has been played down by Wolves Esports’ manager Michael Moriarty.

“Wolves Esports isn’t going anywhere–we’ll still be keeping our presence in China as well as the titles we have based here in Wolverhampton. This partnership between the club and EG will benefit all sides, as we grow and develop esports excellence together.”