Fabio | 21. August 2020

ESL One Cologne: Groups Day 4 Review

Mousesports just can’t catch a break. Their tournament lives have been at stake for days and now they have finally been shown the exit door. MIBR suffered a shattering loss against G2 Esports and hoped to redeem themselves against FaZe. Their efforts were unsuccessful and alongside mouz, they have exited the event. 


The Danes had been unsuccessful in their recent engagement with Complexity. Now, mousesports stood in their way, who have had a rough few months. Finding some rest in the player break, they now hoped to finally climb in the rankings again.

But the pistol round on Vertigo immediately went to the Danes, who swiftly took the follow-up rounds as well. In the first gun round, mouz were finally able to get on the scoreboard, tying at 3-3. Unfortunately, MAD Lions got going and secured 10 rounds in the first half  – and that on the T side of Vertigo! Following this strong display, mouz were unable to get any more rounds on the board, conceding the first map on a 16-5 scoreline.

Entering the second map, Nuke, they hoped to finally turn things around. But on their own map pick, they only managed to secure 4 rounds on the T side. With such a high lead, it was an easy feat for the Lions to run away with the rest of the match. Rasmus “sjuush” Beck and Fredrik “roeJ” Jørgensen teamed up and delivered over 40 kills each, securing above 1.7 ratings. Finally, their team appears to have arrived at the competition.


Yesterday, the Brazilians had to accept defeat against G2 Esports with just 6 rounds total on the board. Their survival in the tournament now depended on their match with FaZe Clan, where they had to go up against their former member, Marcelo “coldzera” David. On the first map, they actually managed themselves really well. Fernando “fer” Alvarenga was able to carry his team to a 16-8 victory. While coldzera posted great results, his team unfortunately lagged behind.

Now, FaZe had to fear for their tournament lives. Fortunately, Helvijs “broky” Saukants finally woke up and began to systematically tear the Brazilians apart. On the T side of Inferno, FaZe ran away with a 11-4 lead and were able to seal the deal despite a shaky CT side.

With this, the teams now headed to Dust2. For MIBR, this proved to be a fatal mistake. After all, Dust2 is the oldest map in the pool and all teams know how to play it. The individual talent of FaZe was able to freely flourish and make the last map hell for the Brazilians. Ironically, it was coldzera who wound up posting the strongest results on a 1.53 rating. Thrown out by their old colleague, MIBR were shown the exit door of ESL One Cologne 2020.

FaZe and MAD Lions, however, remain in the running for at least a few more days. One match separates them from making playoffs.