Jamie | 12. August 2020

Epic Games Acknowledges Major Fortnite Glitch

Software developers Epic Games have finally addressed issues surrounding a major Fortnite glitch, which has seen players die unexpectedly as soon as they start driving in a recently added car. Fortnite is one of the leading Battle Royale shooter games around today, and while it comes as a surprise that it took this long for cars to be added, the glitch surrounding them has been leaving players frustrated.

Helicopters, motorboats and even shopping carts have been accessible to Fortnite players in the past, however it took until the beginning of August for cards to be added. However, the glitch that is effecting gameplay perhaps demonstrates why it has taken Epic Games to make such a move. Players have even been able to make cars fly while playing Fortnite, as well as gain access to unlimited fuel and use them to stack additional items into their inventory.

Various videos have emerged online of players effectively falling through the map and immediately dying when driving in cars, making the latest Fortnite glitch one of the biggest to date. The frustrating part for players is the fact that such actions appear to occur completely at random, however some have noticed some common factors. These include most deaths involving the Whiplashing, occurring at Pleasant Park and players running into terrain before falling through the map.

With Whiplash being the quickest Fortnite car currently available, some players may be moving too fast and thus not allowing for enough time for the map to load around them, which could explain some deaths. For those of you who this has been an issue for, it is worth noting whether the surrounding area is still loading at the time of death.

Glitches & Cheating Scandals Hitting Epic Games Hard

Whatever the cause of the glitch, Epic Games is certainly well aware of it and are working hard to fix it. It has been a rough period for the American software developer, who have come under fire as a result of a cheating scandal. While forms of cheating have often arisen in Esports, Fortnite has been relatively scandal free to date, however a player was recently banned on both Fortnite and Twitch for exposing how easily it can be done.

Some players are now using third-party software in order to gain an edge over opponents, with fans having not let the actions of a player known as “Kona” go unnoticed following the final round of the recent FNCS Qualifiers.