Jamie | 11. August 2020

EA Releases Ultimate Team Changes Ahead of FIFA 21 Launch

With under two months now remaining until the launch of FIFA 21, creators EA Sports have given players an insight into what they can expect when it comes to the popular Ultimate Team mode. In news that will have excited many, information surrounding upcoming features, new icons and a cop-op mode were all unveiled, along with brand-new trailer. So, just what can fans of FIFA expect from Ultimate Team in the 21 version of the game?

Undoubtedly the biggest change to Ultimate Team for FIFA 21 will be the new co-op mode, which will allow players to play online with a friend in three different areas, including Squad Battles, Division Rivals and FUT Friendlies. Both Division Rivals and FUT Friendlies have been revamped, with players being in a position to earn coins each time a new division is reached. With these being perhaps the two most competitive Ultimate Team modes, changes are likely to make their even more popular.

EA has also expanded the FUT Champions leaderboard from 100 to 200, which is also applicable to Squad Battles. While the FUT Champions is known as the Weekend League, Squad Battles will remain a mode where players compete against the AI.

What Other Ultimate Team Changes Can We Expect with FIFA 21?

The first 30 matches played in Squad Battles will also determine which level users find themselves in when it comes to Division Rivals, with opening results therefore being important. Meanwhile, both training cards and fitness items have been removed from FIFA 21, with EA having made this decision after finding that they were not being used in-game by a large proportion of players. On a similar note, healing items have also been adapted, with this now being much simpler thanks to just Gold common and rare items being used.
Those who enjoy playing with legends of the game will also be pleased to hear that 100 different icons will be available for the first time. Names such as Pele, Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Eusebio will once again be available, however they will be joined by Eric Cantona, Puskas, Davor Suker, Petr Cech, Nemanja Vidic, Ashley Cole, Fernando Torres, Samuel Eto’, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Philipp Lahm, among others.

With FIFA 21 set to launch on October 9, changes to Ultimate Team are just one of the reasons for gamers to be excited, while many professional Esports players will already be honing their skills ahead of its release.