| 10. September 2020

Dragon Ball FighterZ Show Set for September 13th

Dragon Ball FighterZ fans rejoice — Namco Bandai will hold a reveal show on September 13th! We’ll get a balance patch reveal, a dedicated showcase of Master Roshi, and news about the FighterZ National Championships! In short, that’s quite a lot!

Most players, of course, are mainly awaiting said balance changes, but DLC news are nothing to scoff at either.

FighterZ quickly rose to prominence as a faithful adaptation of the fan-favorite anime; the fact that it’s an amazing fighting game as well made it all the more appealing. Fans are probably elated because we’re getting a ton of news despite COVID-19 forcing the world to come to a halt. Arc System Works and Namco Bandai have obviously been working around the clock, and it’s a good time to be a FighterZ fan (especially if you’ve been clamoring for rage quit penalties).

Master Roshi Gameplay Reveal

Namco Bandai has already revealed Master Roshi nearly a month ago, and we finally have some thorough gameplay footage to go over! You can see most of his signature moves in action down below:

Roshi will certainly spice things up a bit upon release. He doesn’t have a standard Super Dash, so his movement is going to require a bit of adaption. He doesn’t seem obscenely powerful, but players will surely find a nuanced use-case scenario for this fan-favorite hermit!

FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki also promised buffs and changes to lesser played characters, which could end up shifting the competitive meta. That, of course, means players will have to adapt sooner rather than later. Expect both Roshi and the latest balance updates to hit live servers on September 16th!

The National Championships, on the other hand, will begin in October. The whole competition will transpire across five separate regions, including US East, US West, France, Spain, and Japan. Eight players will receive invites to compete, and we’ll find out who got the nod during Namco Bandai’s upcoming stream.

Tune in to the official Dragon Ball FighterZ Twitch channel on September 13th to see the show!