Jamie | 10. August 2020

Dr Disrespect Returns to YouTube After Ban from Twitch

Following his ban from Twitch in June, Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm returned to YouTube on Friday, a stream that hit a high of some 500,000 viewers. While still maintaining his innocence and bemusement surrounding the ban, Dr Disrespect took time to play several games, a move that will certainly have pleased fans around the world.

While the reason for his ban on Twitch remains unclear, with neither party having disclosed any clear information, it appears that their loss will be YouTube’s gain, with the former Call of Duty developer being a hugely popular figure in the eSports world. Having joined Twitch when it was still known as, Beahm quickly became a recognisable name due to his wacky outfits and recognisable catchphrases. Mr Disrespect became a name synonymous with the industry, with the rise in popularity of battle royale games in particular having brought him to prominence.

The History Between Dr Disrespect & Twitch

The relationship between Dr Disrespect and Twitch has not always been a good one, with Beahm having been suspended by the streaming platform back in June 2019. This was the result of Dr Disrespect entering the men’s bathroom during a live stream, however the two parties seemingly patched up their relationship when signing an exclusivity deal worth millions of dollars a year.

However, there was cause for concern during Dr Disrespect’s closing minutes on his final steam before his recent ban, with Beahm having referenced a famous conspiracy theorist, before appearing to become concerned following a brief check of his phone. His channel disappeared shortly after, with speculation being high surrounding the reasoning.

What Does the Future Hold for Dr Disrespect?

While not being in any legal difficulties, management for Dr Disrespect have so far failed to comment either, with his Twitter bio now directing visitors to his YouTube page, rather than anything concerning Twitch. It remains to be seen as to whether a permanent switch to YouTube will materialise, with his behaviour of late leaving many questions up in the air.

Having posted a video on Twitter on July 16, Dr Disrespect released another on the same platform on August 6, which has had over 8 million views, before his YouTube stream went live a matter of days ago. Eluding to his recent behaviour, Dr Disrespect has had the following to say:

“I kind of stepped out of my Doctor character, which I do from time to time, just having more of a personal moment with my audience in my community. And that was one particular moment, and that’s pretty much what that was,”