| 1. May 2021

DPC 2021 Season 2 Week 4 Preview (Europe)

Dota Pro Circuit 2021 Season 2 is about to enter its 4th competitive week. In most regions, the battle for qualification and relegation is far from over and the stakes are higher than ever. The best teams will qualify for the second Major of the year, which in turn will determine most of the directly invited teams to The International 10. Given the prize pool of the event ($40 million), I think that nobody wants to miss the opportunity.

Western Europe

In Western Europe, Alliance is dominating the competition. The other 3 competitors that have big chances of qualifying for the Major are OG, Team Liquid, and Team Secret. Keep in mind, however, that Secret’s in a rough situation. With a record of 2 wins and 2 losses, they will need to win at least 2 of their last 3 matches to secure a top 4 result.

The strangest thing about this region is the level of skill displayed by Alliance, just a few weeks after failing to qualify for the Playoffs of the Singapore Major. Nikobaby and his crew managed to win their first 4 matches and are almost guaranteed to win the tournament and advance to the Playoffs of the second Major.

In the upcoming week they will be involved in just one relatively easy match. Although, considering Brame’s performance in the first 4 matches of the tournament, s4 may have to do some serious preparations for this encounter.

The current standings in this region look like this:

  • 1st place: Alliance: 4 W – 0 L
  • 2nd place: OG: 2 W – 1 L
  • 3rd place: Team Liquid: 2 W – 1 L
  • 4th place: Team Secret: 2 W – 2 L
  • 5th place: Brame: 1 W – 2 L
  • 6th place: Team Nigma: 1 W – 2 L
  • 7th place: Tundra Esports: 1 W – 2 L
  • 8th place: Hellbear Smashers: 0 W – 3 L

The matches for the upcoming week are the following:

  • OG – Tundra: OG will most likely win.
  • Brame – Alliance: Alliance is the big favorite.
  • Hellbear Smashers – Nigma: Nigma should win, but it won’t be easy.
  • Tundra – Liquid: Liquid is expected to be the winner.
  • Secret – OG: Anyone could win here. OG is the favorite.

Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, two teams seem to be unbeatable. These teams are Spirit and But the battle’s not over yet. And don’t forget, the region has received 3 tickets to the Major: Playoffs (1st), Group Stage (2nd), and Wild Card (3rd).

The current standings in this region are the following:

  • 1st place: Team Spirit: 3 W – 0 L
  • 2nd place: 3 W – 0 L
  • 3rd place: Natus Vincere: 2 W – 1 L
  • 4th place: Winstrike Team: 2 W – 2 L
  • 5th place: PuckChamp: 1 W – 2 L
  • 6th place: Team Unique: 1 W – 2 L
  • 7th place: AS Monaco Gambit: 1 W – 3 L
  • 8th place: EXTREMUM: 0 W – 3 L

The matches for week 4 are listed below:

  • EXTREMUM – Unique: Unique is the favorite.
  • Winstrike – Natus Vincere: Na’Vi absolutely needs this win and should get it.
  • PuckChamp – Gambit: Gambit will win almost for sure.
  • Unique – Team Spirit: Unique has no chance in this match.
  • pro – Extremum: VP should finish this in two quick games.


Photo credit: Valve