| 7. December 2021

Dota Pro Circuit Tour 1 Week 1 Results

With the exception of the Chinese region, the new season of Dota Pro Circuit has begun and many of the matches we’ve seen so far had surprising results. Teams that were expected to get crushed triumphed, sometimes against formidable opponents. And some teams, which were expected to do well, lost their opening matches.

DPC WEU Results

The battle in Western Europe is fierce, but the region has 4 available spots for the first Major. Because of that, the favorite teams are relatively relaxed. Arguably, only 5 of the 8 competitors have a realistic chance of finishing in the top 4. These competitors are OG, Liquid, Secret, Tundra, and Nigma.

In Nigma’s case, it’s not yet clear what will happen. Because of Miracle’s decision to take a short break from competitive play to deal with some health issues, the team might miss the first Major. This would be a real setback because KuroKy’s crew has already missed the last edition of The International.

The results so far have been the following:

Alliance – Tundra: 0 – 2

Secret – OG: 0 – 2

Liquid – COOL: 2 – 0

Nigma – Tickles: 0 – 2

Alliance – Secret: 0 – 2

The biggest upset during the first week of DPC WEU was caused by OG. Everyone was certain that the new roster would crash and burn from the start but somehow, OG’s no-name lineup managed to beat the 3rd place team from TI10.

DPC EEU Results

Eastern Europe has been full of surprises so far. PuckChamp won two matches, against Gambit and Natus Vincere, even though these two opponents are arguably much stronger than Malik’s team.

In other matches, lost against HellRaisers while Team Spirit defeated Unique. It seems that the TI champions are still in great shape, while is a shadow of its former self after losing its best two players. We’ll have to see what happens next but it definitely seems that either VP or Na’Vi will miss the first Major. There are 3 spots available for this region and two teams, PuckChamp and Spirit, seem to be on their way to securing 2 of them.

DPC SEA Results

In Southeast Asia, Motivate.Trust is back to playing excellent Dota while SMG and T1 are also in great shape. The big disappointments so far have been Fnatic, Neon, and TNC. These 3 former SEA giants started the new season with poor results. And in TNC’s case, with two consecutive defeats.

It will be interesting to see what MidOne’s team can do in this region. Another great team to watch, but in the Lower Division, is Talon. The LoL organization decided to enter Dota 2 this year and acquired one of the most legendary captains in the history of the game: Fly, from Evil Geniuses.

DPC NA Results

In North America, everything is going according to plan. Quincy Crew is already 2 W – 0 L, while Evil Geniuses and Undying have also won their first match. It will be next to impossible for other teams to contest these 3 competitors. But the big problem is that the region only has 2 spots available for the Major.

DPC SA Results

In South America, Thunder Predator, beastcoast, and NoPing e-sports started with excellent results. In TP’s case, it’s obvious that the complete roster change has paid off. It remains to be seen who will the two teams that qualify for the Major. But Predator seems determined to take one of the spots.


Photo credit: Valve