Fragster | 8. July 2021

Dota 2 – Finally the TI10 has found a new home

Finally the TI10 has found a new home. It was recently announced that the Swedish government will not host the TI in Stockholm, Sweden, as usual, due to the ongoing Corona pandemic. Since then, everyone has been
wondering if, when and where TI10 will be hosted this year.

They finally found a new location

But now a location for the mega event has been found. Today Valve has finally confirmed the venue and dates for The International 10. The event will take place in Bucharest, Romania, from October 7-17. The TI will be held at the Arena Nationala, the largest stadium in the country.

This means that the TI will finally take place again in front of and with a live audience. However, this year’s TI will be a bit different from previous years. The group stage is scheduled for October 7-10, then there will be a 2-day break, followed by the main stage, which starts on October 12.

For now, that’s all the available information about TI10 and we will update you as soon as there are information about ticket sales available.