| 18. October 2021

CS:GO – Heroic and Liquid Are the Winners of BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown

BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown was the final chance for a lot of teams to secure one of the last 2 spots at BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021, a $425,000 event that offers numerous BLAST Premier qualification points for BLAST Premier: World Final 2021, a $1 million event scheduled to take place around mid-December. Needless to say, lots of teams fought for the opportunity but only 2 of them were victorious.

Heroic’s Race at BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown

Heroic was one of the two directly invited teams at this tournament. Along with, the Danes were considered by the organizer to be worthy of this invite and, in fact, they clearly showed why.

Heroic started its race in the Round of 16 against PGGERZ. The match ended after just 2 maps. The score was 16 – 11 on Mirage and 11 – 10 on Nuke. Overall, considering that it’s a complete no-name, PGGERZ played quite well and caused quite a few problems.

The 2nd match of Heroic was against Dignitas, a team with a lot of famous former-NiP players, such as f0rest and friberg. However, Heroic was just a bit stronger and managed to end the match again after just 2 maps: 19 – 16 on Nuke and 16 – 13 on Overpass. From the scores, it is obvious that the veteran Swedes have not forgotten how to play CS:GO. But they’re also not strong enough to take down a top 8 team.

In the 3rd and final match, Heroic faced the biggest challenge of BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown, OG. But once again, the match ended after the first 2 maps: 16 – 12 on Inferno and 16 – 11 on Overpass.

Thanks to this victory, Heroic will be one of the 8 teams that will compete in BLAST Premier: Fall Finals.

Liquid’s Race at BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown

Liquid competed in the bottom half of BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown and had to beat a single strong team to secure a spot at the Fall Finals. Because in the first match, it faced 9z and only lost 9 rounds in total, while in the 3rd match it faced MAD Lions and had a relatively easy match: 16 – 9 on Nuke and 16 – 13 on Inferno. But was something different. The CIS squad won the 2nd map (16 – 9 on Overpass) and was very hard to beat on the first map (Inferno: 16 – 14) and the 3rd (Overpass: 16 – 12).

Just like Heroic, Liquid will be present at BLAST Premier: Fall Finals thanks to this result. Hopefully, FalleN and Stewie2k can finally win something important together.


Photo credit: IEM|Adela-Sznajder