Fragster | 28. July 2021

CS:GO – Burning Foxes rebuilds Academy team

Burning Foxes rebuilds Academy team. The Burning Foxes are building up an Academy lineup and it’s the youngest team they’ve ever had. Burning Foxes has been synonymous with strong national and international teams since 2018.

They are best known for their teams in CounterStrike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG and League of Legends. The team already had a player from the previous season, Yves “ELITE” B. and they then built the team around him. Together with him and Martin “Cloud” Hittmair, they were able to put together the youngest team in Burning Foxes history. On average, everyone on the team is just 16 years old.

Young Team with a lot of potential

Yves “ELITE” B. was first the in-game leader, who over time gave that role to Arda “bezZ” B. Yves “ELITE”B. is now the AWPler. The team will have to prove themselves in the ESEA Open for now and will be able to gain international experience there. The #99League will be possible in Season 19 at the earliest due to the age.

Michael Jantos, the CEO of the Burning Foxes said: “With Yves we fortunately had a player we could take over from the previous lineup, so we didn’t have to start from scratch. Then when bezZ, Nore and Kanershi joined I was convinced that here we have the chance to pave the way to the next level even for very young players.”

“We have already worked out a concept to teach the players as much as possible. In this context, the proper use of social media is just one of many points.”

The new CS:GO Academy team looks like this:
Arda “bezZ” B. – Ingame Leader
Yves “ELITE” B. – AWP
Joel “Joel” R. – Support
Emil “Nore” N. – Lurk
Max “Kanershi” B. – Entry
Martin “Cloud” Hittmair – Manager & Coach