Fragster | 11. August 2021

CS:GO – Anonymo reveals a new Player

Anonymo has revealed a new CS:GO player. Anonymo Esports has finally announced their new addition to the lineup. The Polish organization officially introduced Piotr “blacktear5” Kasiński, who is going to replace Kamil “KEi” Pietkun, who is currently on the bench. Anonymos’ problems began in early July this year, when to everyone’s surprise the 20- year old “KEi” decided to resign.

“Today I am going to the bench of Anonymo. It is my decision, which I made some time ago and is due to different perceptions in certain aspects”. Right after his statement, rumors about his and Anonymos future started to emerge and people wondered who would take the vacant spot in the lineup left by KEi. Paweł “reatz” Jańczak was long considered a favorite, but he ended up joining MAD DOG’S PACT. Now blacktear5 has been announced as the newcomer to the team.

What blacktear5 has been doing so far

The 19-year-old Polish hasn’t been in a lineup where he played for a longer time, even though he already has had appearances in several recognizable teams on his resume. Last year he was with CLEANTmix, under whose banner he even appeared at the Polish ESL Championships. A few months later, he joined the Pompa team, but after only two months there, the adventure ended for him again.

It is worth mentioning that the announcement of Anonymo was not only limited to the presentation of the new player. The organization also introduced a new CS: GO analyst by the name of Bartłomiej “BGG” Gawlas and they also confirmed their cooperation with a new sponsor, LV BET. “Today we take another important step in the organization by welcoming LV BET on board.

A sponsor with incredible energy, with a team of people who are already a pleasure to work with. We want to give them the opportunity to cheer for the best and feel the emotions associated with it, while fulfilling the goals we set together “ said Anonymo CEO Mateusz “Sówek” Kowalczyk in a statement.

Now after all these changes, the Anonymo Esports’ roster looks like this:
Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski
Kacper “Kylar” Walukiewicz
Paweł “innocent” Mocek
Wiktor “mynio” Kruk
Piotr “blacktear5” Kasiński
Adrian “IMD” Pieper – coach
Kamil “KEi” Pietkun – on the bench