| 30. November 2021

CS:GO – All about Dosia’s 200 IQ Nade

The decider map of the Grand Finals of a Major. 9-1 in the lead, CT-sided Gambit finally conceded a round to Immortals, as they gave up the retake. But Dosia stuck around in Boiler and gave Immortals a spherical parting gift of imminent death. We take you on a trip down memory lane and remember how Dosia got his in-game graffiti.

The Buildup

Gambit were the huge underdogs for the Major. The then-World Number 14 hadn’t reached the Grand Finals of a single S-Tier tournament in 2017, yet they topped the Group Stage with a 3-0 score, with fairly easy wins in all matches. MOUZ and G2 went on to sink into elimination, but Virtus Pro qualified on the edge.

With a strong start, Gambit reached the Quarterfinals where they faced the greats of a bygone day: fnatic. But the Swedes couldn’t pose a lot of problems, as Gambit cleanly finished them 2-0, thanks to the legendary Zeus’ leadership, with the veteran X God, Dosia taking home the MVP.

But things got difficult in the Semifinals, where the CIS side faced recently-crowned Astralis. Though Astralis were not as strong as they were in Atlanta in the first Major of 2017, they were still a force to reckon with, as the Danes had taken down the absolute favorites for the Major, the then-World Number 1 SK Gaming 2-0.

After winning Astralis’ map pick, Overpass, Astralis returned the favor by winning on Gambit’s map pick, Inferno. The final, decider map went the CIS way, thanks to great reads by Zeus. Gambit had upset one of the favorites of the tournament and reached the Grand Final of a Major, with the mighty Zeus being crowned the MVP of the action-packed semifinal.

From the other side of the bracket, though, another underdog was rising through the ranks. World Number 11, Immortals, had cleanly defeated North and Virtus Pro 2-0 each, dropping not a single map. The Grand Finals started the same way, with Immortals absolutely humiliating Gambit 16-4 on Cobblestone, a map picked by the Brazilians.

The CIS side kept their composure and coupled with Zeus’ intense passion, they set out on a mission to turn this around. On Gambit’s map pick, Train, things looked better and after a great performance by mou, Gambit finally took a map off Immortals, and with an inspiring 16-11 scoreline, they set out to the decider map.

Inferno started out with another Zeus masterclass, with the T-sided Immortals running into stack after stack of CTs. After falling to a shameful 9-1 lead, Immortals finally get only their second bombplant of the match, and in a 2v3 deficit, Gambit have to let a round slip away, as they conceded the retake and chose to save the AK and the AWP instead. But not without a touch of magic to break a few more Brazilian hearts.

The Play

Hanging around in Boiler, supposedly to look for ordinary exit frags, not a single soul but the five CIS legends knew about what Dosia was about to do. It’s a known fact that if you have enough health, you can survive a bomb blast on Inferno Bombsite A if you hugged the furthest corner of Pit.

Dosia smartly predicted that at least one or two of the three Immortal members would be relying on Pit to survive, given that all three had full health. So to ruin it, he conjured up this dark, high IQ strategy to throw a nade at that corner, robbing both the Brazilians of enough health necessary to survive the blast. steel and LUCAS1 could only wonder in confusion as to what the X God had done, moments before the bomb buried both of them.

To win even in a loss. The X God reigned supreme.

The Historic Aftermath

The last four rounds were split equally, as the half ended 11-4, highly in favor of Gambit. Despite a small effort of a comeback from Immortals, the 4-0 run at the start of the second half ended, and Gambit found ways to penetrate the Brazilians’ defense, and close the map out 16-10.

Dosia had become the first and only Russian to win a Major. Zeus had finally won a CS:GO Major, a trophy he had spent all his career searching for. Gambit had conquered the world. After the Major, Zeus would immediately quit the CIS side and join his Ukrainian first love, NaVi.
Following the loss of their heroic leader, Gambit would very quickly sink into the anonymity they were in leading up to the Major.

Despite that, 2017 had proved to be the greatest year of Mikhail “Dosia” Stolyarov’s life, as he not only won the coveted Major but also married his girlfriend.

The Legend

Dosia’s shrewd nade would crawl its way into the minds of Valve, as a quirky graffiti immortalized the legacy of an introverted man who proudly wore the meme the community bestowed upon him.


Dosia’s nade graffiti

Probably acknowledging the erotic nickname Dosia homed, the graffiti was an advert for a perfume. But the perfume was in a grenade-shaped bottle, along with a line in Italian meaning “No, you can’t escape now.” A clever play to commemorate a clever play, Valve.

“This is so smart. Oh, this is huge. Dosia’s thrown a nade into the corner just as the bomb’s about to go off. They’re both gonna go down.” “GET BRAINED ON!” With that, the legacy of the X God lives on.