| 5. October 2021

CoD – Call of Duty pro Apathy announces retirement

Call of Duty favourite “Apathy” has retired from competitive Call of Duty, with the two-time world champion having broken the news on Monday. The American remains one of just nine players to have won two or more world championships, with the 27-year-old sitting alongside “JKap”, “ACHES”, “Arcitys”, “Simp” and aBeZy on two. “Karma”, “Clayster” and “Crimsix” are the only players with three rings to their name.

Speaking on his decision, Apathy stated that:

“This isn’t how I wanted all of this to end, I always told myself I wanted that third ring before I retired. Sometimes in life things don’t go the way you want it and this is one of those times. I did try to get on a pro team and wanted to keep competing but there were no opportunities or offers. I completely understand why, just felt like I had gas in the tank still. I know I will miss competing and everything it brings. But it’s time to move on to the next thing! Something I’ve always loved was creating content, I did a lot of it through out my career. I’ve always been inconsistent during the competitive season because that was priority.”

How Apathy made his name in CoD

Apathy won his two rings in Black Ops III in 2016 and World War II in 2018, with Team EnVyUs and Evil Geniuses, respectively. Meanwhile, his CoD career dates back to 2013, when he competed under the banner of Strictly Business. He would then compete for the likes of Team Kaliber, FaZe Clan and Rise, among others.

However, during the Call of Duty League, Apathy struggled to achieve the same levels of success. Having spent the 2020 season with the Seattle Surge, before moving to the Los Angeles Guerrillas, both teams failed to live up to expectations. It therefore perhaps comes as no surprise that the veteran has decided to call things a day.

What does the future hold for Apathy?

It appears that the next step for the American will be streaming, with Apathy having stated that: “People always asked me what I wanted to do after I was done competing and my answer is become a full time content creator. I know this is something I HAVE to give a shot in because I might regret later on in life if I don’t. Now I can be consistent and produce the best content for you guys and on top of it be able to be a very present dad.”