Jamie | 24. September 2020

Cloud9 Continue to Add to New Fortnite Roster

After announcing that they will be rejoining the Fortnite scene, Cloud9 have announced the arrival of their second player, with “Nosh” having jointed compatriot Avery “Avxry” LoPriore on their roster. Breaking the news on their official Twitter page, using a video of Nosh’s highlights, Cloud9 are clearly looking to make a significant impact upon their return to Fortnite.

Having originally joined Fortnite Esports back in 2018, with their roster featuring players from both North America and Brazil, however their journey came to an end upon the departure of Jacob “Hysteria” Reiser last year. The actions of Cloud9 inspired other organisations to join the Fortnite scene, with their new plan being to enter the North American competitive bracket.

What the Cloud9 Fortnite Roster Looks Like Now

With the likes of Sylar “Snow” Babinski, Pedro “pfzin” Figueiredo, Nicollas “Nicks” Polonio, Igor “drakoNz” Fernandes and Patrick “BlackoutZ” Garcia Da Silva having formally represented the organisation, it was just DrakonZ and BlackoutZ who were left remainign following a mass exodus in 2019. However, the arrival of Avxry means that Cloud9 will once again have a Canadian player on their books.

Along with compatriot Nosh, the duo will team up with DrakonZ and BlackoutZ, while further recruits are expected in the near future. There are many free agents currently looking for a new home, meanig that Cloud9 can afford to be picky when making their decision. Avxry has an excellent track record in Fortnite, having won Chapter 2 Season 1 of the Champion Series, while Nosh is considered something of a dark horse following an indiffernt start to his career.

What Can Nosh Bring to Cloud9?

However, with Nosh’s performances having picked up, including a runner up finish at the Platform Cash Cup – PC: Chapter 2 Season 2 Week 1 – NA-East, Cloud9 could well be a team to keep a close eye on this season. The Canadian is also well aversed when it comes to solo, duo or squad play. He has experience of playing alongside the likes of Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf and Chaotic, claiming top 10 finishes at both the Winter Royale and Fortnite Champion Series in the process.